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Responsibility as a principle

Corporate success and responsibility merge into one in the Vaillant Group.

Measurable success of our S.E.E.D.S. sustainability strategy

Responsibility is anything but a passing fancy for the Vaillant Group. We firmly believe that, as an industrial company, we share the responsibility for the environment and society. This is what led us to develop the S.E.E.D.S. sustainability strategy. The programme sets out specific goals for the focal areas Development & Products, Environment, Employees and Society.

Precise figures, clear messages

It is, of course, not enough to just formulate goals: using precise figures, we have laid out the exact successes we want to achieve by 2020. We have also identified the measures needed to do this. And we have determined how we will review and assess our success on an annual basis. In doing this, we guarantee maximal transparency while also giving ourselves the chance to make any necessary improvements. We have taken on a lot. Come join us on our journey.

It can’t get any greener. Or can it?!

Development & Products

The green-tinted glasses donned by Harald Riecke and Sven Hanfland sharpen their intellectual vision: the development engineers have learned to consider the entire product life cycle, from the first idea right through to recycling – this is the only way the ambitious sustainability goals set out by the Vaillant Group can be achieved. Find out what the pair have to say.

  • 80%

    turnover of high-efficiency products

  • +15%

    material efficiency

  • –15%

    greenhouse gas emissions

Protecting resources, saving energy, reducing emissions and avoiding waste


By 2020, the Vaillant Group wants to have implemented challenging targets in its bid to protect the environment and resources: reducing CO₂ emissions by 25 per cent, water consumption by 50 per cent and waste volume by 20 per cent.

  • –25%

    CO₂ emissions / production minute

  • –25%

    energy consumption / production minute

  • –50%

    water consumption / production minute

It makes sense: sustainability goals set for and by colleagues

Human resources

The Vaillant Group has set its sights on becoming the employer of choice. Our employees form the foundation and soul of the Vaillant Group – each and every one of them makes a personal contribution to the success of our family-owned company from the word go. Our example: Vaillant Group Managing Director Sales, Marketing and Service Dr Andree Groos.

  • 0


  • Employer

    of choice

  • Individual


Taking on social responsibility through our core business


The fact that the Vaillant Group is devoted to its social responsibility is reflected in many of its activities – as well as in commitments which also involve the company’s partners and suppliers.

  • 10

    Global Compact principles as a standard to live by

  • Strategic

    orientation of the social engagement

  • Systematic

    stakeholder dialogue

Operating responsibly. Achieving sustainable and profitable growth. Setting benchmarks.

Sustainability strategy

As a globally active yet locally rooted family-owned company, we feel obliged to conduct our operations around the world in a responsible manner. In 2011 we revealed a number of binding, measurable goals which make up our S.E.E.D.S. sustainability strategy. It is now time for the interim result: over to Claudia Altenrath, Head of Sustainability Management Vaillant Group.

  • S.E.E.D.S.

    control loop

  • Product

    life cycle

  • Eco-friendly