Vaillant Group
Vaillant Group


Looking to the future

In 1874, Johann Vaillant advertised himself in the Remscheid newspaper as a "coppersmith and pump manufacturer". And - snap - 150 years have passed. In 2024, we will be celebrating one and a half centuries of Vaillant. With an interactive journey through time and exciting insights.

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The leading international brand Vaillant stands for the highest quality, sustainability and the best service. For 150 years, the heating technology pioneer has been a technological pacemakers in it’s industry.

Today, two out of three people in Europe know the brand with the hare in its logo. Company founder Johann Vaillant laid the foundation for Vaillant’s customer orientation and innovative strength with his motto: “Be innovative, listen to your customers.”

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Efficiency and renewable energy for the home

Vaillant offers its customers resource-saving heating systems that are durable and geared to future requirements. With the assurance of a brand that has stood for first-class quality for 150 years.

The product portfolio includes heat pumps, solar-thermal and photovoltaic systems, ventilation systems for low-energy buildings, split air-conditioning units, high-efficiency gas-fired condensing heating systems, and intelligent controls. In addition, Vaillant offers digital services for installers and the housing industry as well as smart solutions for heating system owners. The focus is on contactless remote monitoring and diagnostics of heating systems over the Internet as well as intelligent energy management via smartphones and tablets.

Vaillant Group
Vaillant Group

Partner of installers

Installers have many advantages as a Vaillant partner. In addition to a broad product portfolio with durable heating technology for every application, Vaillant offers its partners help with consulting, planning and preparing quotations with digital tools and in personal contact. The offer is rounded off with extensive marketing support and free face-to-face and online training.

The Easter Bunny as the unmistakable face of the brand

Vaillant Group
Vaillant Group

Easter Sunday, 1899. Johann Vaillant is leafing through the monthly magazine Alte und Neue Welt at leisure. While scanning the pages, a picture catches his eye: a hare is escaping out of an Easter egg. Other little animals and comical dwarves stand around the egg and marvel at the miraculous hare. Johann Vaillant is so fascinated by this picture that he acquires the copyright to the curious Easter image – the hare is to become the trademark of his company from that point on. Since 1899, the hare has adorned Vaillant’s products, catalogues and brochures and ensures an unmistakable brand image. Today, the Vaillant hare is one of the best-known product logos in Europe.

The hare in the egg moves with the times

In its long history, the Vaillant logo has repeatedly been adapted to the zeitgeist and new printing processes. The first redesign takes place in 1929. Clear lines and contours make the hare appear more stylised and fit the architectural style of the time. The egg works as a frame to give the logo a clearly defined shape. In addition, the logo now also contains the lettering “Vaillant” and becomes what is known as a word-image mark. Finally, in 2020, the time has come: as the Vaillant logo is increasingly reproduced digitally, the hare has been visually rejuvenated; the egg is clearly recognisable as a contour and a modern, slimmer font provides more space between the letters for better readability, even on smartphones. The 3D effect with gradient has been omitted, but the traditional Vaillant green has remained.

Vaillant Group
Vaillant Group

Sustainability in action

Since 2013, the Vaillant Group has been a strategic partner of “SOS Children’s Villages worldwide” and equips children’s villages throughout the world with modern heating technology. Today, Vaillant heating appliances can be found in numerous children’s villages, literally bringing warmth into the homes of children and young people.

There for our customers

Vaillant provides customers with efficient and eco-friendly technology for heating, cooling and hot-water supply. In over 60 countries.

Further information on Vaillant products and services can be found on the brand websites.