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As of 1 January 2013 we are bound to publish a pump spares list (8 MB).
Please note the following important notes, that are available in further languages (52 kB):

  • Improper installation of a spare part can cause damage.

  • These parts should only be installed by a specialist!

  • Ensure that you read the installation and operating instructions that are included with the device first! These lists do not replace the spare part catalogues; these remain valid in each case.

  • Always choose the right spare part from the current spare part catalogue! We reserve the right to make changes at any time.

Since January 1, 2013 pumps in heating systems are also rated with the Energy Efficiency Index (EEI). This number gives a comparative value for the energy consumption of a pump. The efficiency index of a usual pump is some 0.8. Since January 1, 2013 standalone pumps in heating systems shall be more efficient with EEI ≤ 0,27. For that, the energy consumption will be reduced by at least 65% less compared to a standard pump. From August 1, 2015 the limit will be decreased down to EE < 0,23. Than the requirements will also be valid for pumps related to a heat generator and for brine pumps.

The benchmark for the most efficient circulators is EEI ≤ 0,20. Please find the benchmark in other languages as PDF (34 kB).

Finally from 1 January 2013 information concerning disassembly, recycling, or disposal at end-of-life of components and materials, shall be made available for treatment facilities on standalone circulators and on circulators integrated in Products. Please find in the PDF table information on the recyclability (34 kB). This information is available in other languages as PDF (50 kB).


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