Partnership on equal terms

When procuring machines, electronics, materials and metals, our Purchasing department works with partners all around the world. The Vaillant Group involves suppliers at an early stage of the development process to be able to jointly develop the heating technology of the future.

Procuring raw materials takes a great deal of experience and instinct: our purchasers are permanently faced with hugely fluctuating prices – and the constant challenge of assessing 30 to 40 different influencing factors before making a purchasing decision.

UN Global Compact

Vaillant Group
Vaillant Group

As a family-owned company, the Vaillant Group understands how important it is to commit to sustainable business practices. The company acknowledges the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and also expects its suppliers to do the same. Recognition of these principles is laid down in our General Purchasing Terms and is checked as part of supplier audits.

Substance information

On this page, we provide information on candidate substances regarding items manufactured and supplied by our company in accordance with Article 33, REACH.

Pursuant to REACH regulation, the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) introduced in 2008 a list of substances, which are candidates for an EU authorization process. ECHA regularly updates their list and has done so on 27 June 2018. In the latest revision, the substance LEAD (CAS Number 7439-92-1) was added to the list, which comprises about 190 substances in total.

We review the candidate list regularly in terms of relevance to our products. It is a matter of serious concern to us to fulfil our obligation to provide unsolicited information to our customers in accordance with Article 33, REACH Regulation.

1. Information on the candidate substance lead in accordance with Article 33 REACH 2006/1907/EU

Milled or turned brass and steel parts as well as individual electronic components that are contained in our products contain lead in a concentration of more than 0.1 mass per cent. Our products are not intended to release any substances.


Report cyber security incident as a supplier

Are you a supplier or partner of the Vaillant Group and would like to report an information security or cyber security incident? Then, we thank you for contacting us and ask you to send us the following information as detailed as possible:

  • Please explain in chronological order what exactly happened.

  • Describe implications for your business and potential implications for our business.

  • Especially outline technical interfaces / connections if possible.

  • Please add what legal measures you have conducted and if you filed official reports.

Please send the information by email to:

Our Cyber Emergency Response Team will reply as fast as possible.

Vaillant Group
Vaillant Group

Vaillant Group and SAP Business Network for suppliers

The Vaillant Group collaborates with its suppliers using the SAP Business Network. The platform is used for procurement processes as well as the electronic exchange of documents relating to production materials, services, marketing and other goods.