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Substance Information

On this page, we provide information on candidate substances regarding items manufactured and supplied by our company in accordance with Article 33, REACH.

Pursuant to REACH regulation, the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) introduced in 2008 a list of substances, which are candidates for an EU authorization process. ECHA regularly updates their list and has done so on 27 June 2018. In the latest revision, the substance LEAD (CAS Number 7439-92-1) was added to the list, which comprises about 190 substances in total.

We review the candidate list regularly in terms of relevance to our products. It is a matter of serious concern to us to fulfil our obligation to provide unsolicited information to our customers in accordance with Article 33, REACH Regulation.

1. Information on the candidate substance lead in accordance with Article 33 REACH 2006/1907/EU

Milled or turned brass and steel parts as well as individual electronic components that are contained in our products contain lead in a concentration of more than 0.1 mass per cent. Our products are not intended to release any substances.