New Vaillant heat pump systems for large-scale projects

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Remscheid, 23 March 2021

  • Air-water and brine-water heat pumps for large and commercial properties

  • Cascading allows heating output of more than 600 kW

  • One-stop shopping for complete system with accessories and additional equipment

Vaillant has extended its range of heat pumps, adding geoTHERM perform, a brine-water heat pump, and aroTHERM perform, an air-water split heat pump. Both heat pumps are designed for use in large new construction and renovation projects, both in the housing sector and commercial properties. aroTHERM perform is available in two versions, with an output of 19 and 26 kW, while geoTHERM perform is available in three versions, up to 78 kW. If a higher output is required, both models can be cascaded, with a heating output of up to 624 kW for the geoTHERM perform. Used in cascade, the aroTHERM perform delivers up to 208 kW. Even with temperatures down to –10 °C, the new heat pumps achieve flow temperatures of 65 °C, making them ideally suited for cold climates.

Efficient and silent heat pumps within high output range

For heat pumps in the high output range, the geoTHERM perform and aroTHERM perform heat pumps are particularly efficient and silent. Due to their extraordinary efficiency, both heat pumps are fully eligible for subsidies under German government subsidy regulations. The ETAs value, the seasonal energy efficiency value of a heating system, is 196 per cent at a flow temperature of 35 °C and 138 per cent at a flow temperature of 55 °C for the geoTHERM perform. For the aroTHERM perform, the ETAs value is 150 per cent at a flow temperature of 35 °C and 134 per cent at a flow temperature of 55 °C.

The noise level of the aroTHERM outdoor unit is 35 dB at a distance of five metres, which corresponds to the faint whirring of a room fan and is unique for an air-water heat pump of this size. This makes the aroTHERM perform air-water heat pump particularly suitable for apartment buildings and developments where space is at a premium.

Complete systems from a single source

The heat pumps can be combined with Vaillant’s storage solutions and freshwater stations into a complete system, delivered from a single source. Vaillant has upgraded its uniSTOR and allSTOR hot-water and buffer storages for this purpose. They are now available in a variety of output sizes, ranging from 300 to 2,000 litres. The operating pressure has been increased to six bar for the allSTOR and ten bar for the uniSTOR. For the first time, both storages can be used for tall buildings of more than five floors and with up to 150 residential units.

The new freshwater station aguaFLOW plus can output up to 180 litres per minute, so that it is now specially suited for the needs of large-scale systems in the housing sector and commercial properties. The product line-up also includes peak-load generators running on gas and electricity, ensuring that the systems can continue to run reliably during peak periods and potential faults. The freshwater stations work very efficiently due to a high-efficiency pump as well as electronic temperature control for setting the desired water temperature at exactly the right level. The stainless-steel heat exchangers within them are particularly easy to maintain: they can be disassembled into their individual components; these can then be cleaned thoroughly. This noticeably increases their lifetimes.

Attractive one-stop shopping solution for the housing sector

Vaillant can therefore offer one-stop shopping for eco-friendly heat pump systems, including all accessories and fully compatible additional components as well as the relevant consultancy, planning and after-sales services. This shortens communication channels, accelerates work processes and has a positive impact on system expenditure. “Our full-range one-stop heat pump system reduces the workload for installers and expands the spectrum of applications of our heat pump range,” says Sebastian Albert, Head of Product and Service Management at Vaillant Germany. “Combined with our powerful freshwater stations, the new heat pumps are an attractive solution, particularly for the housing sector.”

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