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Demand for Vaillant Group heat pumps has been growing strongly for years. One reason for this: models are available for every need.

aroTHERM plus + GeniaAir Mono

The heat pumps of the Vaillant aroTHERM plus and Saunier Duval GeniaAir Mono series are air-water heat pumps with monobloc technology. The system consists of the heat pump installed outside and a compact indoor unit. The air serves as the energy source.

The heat pump works with a natural refrigerant which is particularly climate-friendly and enables high flow temperatures. This means that both the aroTHERM plus and the GeniaAir Mono can be operated efficiently with radiators. For this reason, both heat pumps are also suitable for heating system modernisation. They offer an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solution for the replacement of an old oil or gas heater.

At 0.5 square metres, the outdoor unit requires very little space. Another important plus is that the models are particularly quiet. At 28 decibels in night mode, measured at a distance of three metres, they are barely audible. This makes installation possible even in densely built terraced housing areas.

As monobloc heat pumps, the aroTHERM plus and the GeniaAir Mono generate heat directly in the outdoor unit and transfer it into the house. All essential components are integrated in the outdoor unit, including the refrigerant circuit. The installer does not need to have a refrigeration certificate for installation or maintenance. A 190-litre hot water tank – suitable for a family of four – is integrated into the indoor unit.

The aroTHERM plus and GeniaAir Mono heat pumps are available in output sizes from 3 to 12 kW.

aroTHERM plus + GeniaAir Mono


- Environmentally and climate-friendly thanks to natural refrigerant

- High flow temperature allows efficient use with radiators

- Particularly quiet outdoor unit can even be operated in dense buildings


- Heating system modernisation in existing buildings

- New buildings of detached houses and semi-detached houses

- Cascade solutions or hybrid systems for apartment buildings or small businesses

aroTHERM Split + GeniaAir Split

In the air-water heat pumps Vaillant aroTHERM Split and Saunier Duval GeniaAir Split, the refrigerant circuit is split between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit.

The connection between the heat pump installed outside and the indoor unit is made via pipes that are easy to install. Because refrigerant pipes are somewhat thinner and can be placed more easily than water pipes, the installation is somewhat cheaper. In addition, the refrigerant is freezeproof. The distance between the outdoor and indoor unit can be up to 40 metres - this allows for great flexibility when it comes to the installation.

In a split system, the hydraulics, hot water tank, condenser and compressor are contained in the heat pump’s indoor unit.

In reverse operating mode, the heat pumps can also actively cool, which is a great advantage especially in southern European climates. Of course, they can also be combined with controlled domestic ventilation and a photovoltaic system. If the heat pump is operated with “green” electricity, heating and cooling is CO₂-neutral.

The aroTHERM Split and GeniaAir Split air-water heat pumps are available in output sizes from 3 to 12 kW.

aroTHERM Split + GeniaAir Split


- Guaranteed freeze protection due to refrigerant split technology

- Simple and cost-effective installation

- Quiet and additional mode for night operation

- Space-saving installation in the garden or against the house wall


- New construction of detached and semi-detached houses

- Energy-oriented refurbishment or for hybrid systems with gas or oil heaters in single-family houses and semi-detached houses

- Cascade solutions or hybrid systems for apartment buildings or small businesses

flexoCOMPACT exclusive + flexoTHERM exclusive

Thanks to their system concept, the Vaillant flexoTHERM exclusive and flexoCOMPACT exclusive heat pumps can optionally use the air, groundwater or the ground as a heat source.

Both models are highly efficient, indoor brine-water heat pumps that are combined with an outdoor air or groundwater collector. The system can also use thermal energy from the soil in conjunction with ground collectors or geothermal probes. A ground collector is laid as a horizontal surface around 1.5 to 2 metres deep in the ground. Alternatively, a ground probe is inserted 80 to 100 metres deep into the earth via a borehole.

The aroCOLLECT air collector and the fluoCOLLECT groundwater collector can be located up to 30 metres away from the heat pump. The indoor unit of the heat pump system contains the entire refrigerant circuit. The installation therefore does not require a refrigeration certificate for this model either.

The flexoCOMPACT exclusive is a model variant of the flexoTHERM exclusive. It has a 185-litre hot water tank made of stainless steel. This covers the daily hot water needs of a family of 4. Both heat pumps can also be used for active cooling thanks to the reverse operation mode.

The flexoTHERM exclusive heat pump is available in output sizes from 5 to 19 kW. The flexoCOMPACT exclusive model from 5.8 to 11 kW.

flexoCOMPACT exclusive + flexoTHERM exclusive


- Flexible modular concept for using theheat sources air, earth or water

- Resource-saving with efficiency class A++ to A+++

- Including internet module for control via app


- New buildings or overall renovation projects of single-family houses and semi-detached houses

- Cascade solutions or hybrid systems for apartment buildings or smaller businesses

versoTHERM plus

The Vaillant versoTHERM plus is installed completely indoors and does not require an outdoor unit. Here, too, the outside air serves as the primary energy source. The special feature of the versoTHERM plus is the many options for system integration.

The model can be combined with a central ventilation system or with an exhaust air ventilation system. Heat recovery of the residual heat takes place via the heat pump. For hot water preparation, the versoTHERM plus can be supplemented with various hot water and multifunctional storage tanks for households of two to six people as well as a solar system. Of course, the integration of a photovoltaic system is also possible.

The versoTHERM plus heat pump is available in output sizes of 3, 5 and 7 kW.

versoTHERM plus


- Fully indoor installed air-water heat pump without outdoor unit

- Small space requirement

- Modularly combinable with system components


- New construction of detached and semi-detached houses, especially on small plots of land

- Replacement of older heat pumps

- Comprehensive energy refurbishments and hybrid systems

recoCOMPACT exclusive

The Vaillant recoCOMPACT exclusive heat pump is an all-in-one solution specifically for single-family homes. The heat pump has an integrated hot water cylinder, sufficient for a family of five, and controlled domestic ventilation.

The heat pump is installed indoors, without an outdoor unit. The air, which serves as the energy source, reaches the heat pump via ducts through the exterior wall.

The ventilation system supplies the house with fresh air. The heat recovery via the heat pump is up to 98 per cent and thus ensures additional energy efficiency. In reverse mode and with an appropriate setup, the recoCOMPACT can actively cool the building via the underfloor heating system. Heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water can be conveniently controlled via app. The amount of heat and electricity that is consumed can be monitored.

The recoCOMPACT has an energy efficiency rating of A++ according to the Ecodesign Directive. In combination with a photovoltaic system, an almost CO2-neutral operation is possible with minimal costs.

The recoCOMPACT exclusive heat pump is available in output sizes of 3, 5 and 7 kW.

recoCOMPACT exclusive


- Heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water combined in an all-in-one solution

- Fully indoor installed air-water heat pump without outdoor unit

- Compact design and space-saving compared to individual units


- New construction of single-family houses and semi-detached houses, especially on small plots of land

- Comprehensive energy refurbishments

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