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Frankfurt am Main / Remscheid, 14 March 2017

  • Digital toolbox simplifies day-to-day work

  • Fast track to the replacement part with ersatzteilCHECK app

  • HeizungOnline with new model including Vaillant Project App

At the ISH 2017, Vaillant is introducing a new user interface in the form of the digital toolbox, with which skilled tradesmen can organise their digital working lives. The morning smartphone check shows which potential customers have to be spoken to or where a quotation has to be prepared. But casting a glance at the status of the web-enabled heating systems they are responsible for maintaining can be just as instructive. The digital toolbox provides skilled tradesmen with an overview of their everyday working lives. “Some work with HeizungOnline every day, while others prefer werbungAKTIV or planNET,” says Nicole Dunker, Head of Marketing and Communication at Vaillant Germany. “With our digital toolbox, every skilled tradesman can create an interface of their own according to their personal needs.” The digital toolbox can be found in Vaillant’s FachpartnerNET. All of the digital services rendered by Vaillant are gradually being integrated into the new toolbox.

Further development of the ersatzteilCHECK app

Vaillant’s ersatzteilCHECK app provides quick mobile access to all data concerning replacement parts. The app also offers a lot of other functions, such as a replacement parts scan, offline usage, and an update and shopping list function. The ersatzteilCHECK app is enhanced continuously and now also offers maintenance recommendations for many newer products.

Simple readout of heating installations with serviceDIALOG

Another service tool created by Vaillant is serviceDIALOG. As with cars in the repair shop, skilled tradesmen can read out and analyse heating appliances on site. An adapter and PC software are required for this purpose. Any errors that occur can then be traced quickly. System parameters are depicted graphically in real time. That saves time and reduces costs. “serviceDIALOG makes our day-to-day work more comfortable, more efficient and more professional,” declares Dunker. serviceDIALOG can be used for all devices that are equipped with eBUS.

HeizungOnline adds further functions

The portal HeizungOnline sends system recommendations as well as suggestions for skilled tradesmen from the respective region to the interested customer, who can choose from the recommendations. Based on this selection, the customer promptly receives a system recommendation and a non-binding price indication that includes the likely installation costs. Any further details concerning the new heating installation are clarified by the end customer together with the skilled tradesman of his choice. All quotations and invoices are created in the name of the relevant skilled tradesman.

New Vaillant Project App

The new Vaillant Project App enables the immediate further processing of enquiries from HeizungOnline. The first quotation can be adjusted and updated in the on-site conversation with the customer. If the end customer so desires, he can confirm the quotation directly on the tablet. Alternatively, the quotation can be accepted by way of a confirmation link via e-mail. In the Vaillant Project App, further projects – such as those from existing customers – can also be created. As a result they are likewise digitally available and make a quick on-site quote possible.

Heating configurator for skilled tradesmen’s websites

As from this autumn, skilled tradesmen will be able to integrate a heating configurator into their own websites. End customers can then use the functions of the system configurator HeizungOnline on the respective skilled tradesman’s website. “With this model, the skilled tradesmen themselves deal with the digital marketing and assess the enquiries,” adds Dunker.

About Vaillant

The Vaillant Group is an internationally active company based in Remscheid, Germany, which operates in the fields of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology. As one of the global market and technology leaders, the Vaillant Group develops and manufactures customised products, systems and services to provide a comfortable living environment. Its product portfolio ranges from efficient heating devices based on conventional energy sources to system solutions for using renewable energy. In the financial year 2020, the company, which has been family-owned since its foundation in 1874, generated sales of more than €2.7 billion with its workforce of about 15,000.


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Jens Wichtermann

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