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New Vaillant heat pumps: eco-friendly and highly efficient

  • aroSTOR hot-water heat pump boasts the best energy label (A+) and quiet operation
  • New aroTHERM plus also suitable for building modernisation projects
  • recoCOMPACT exclusive and versoTHERM plus as solutions installed entirely indoors

Frankfurt am Main / Remscheid, 12 March 2019 – At the ISH, Vaillant presents its aroSTOR hot-water heat pump and aroTHERM plus monobloc air-water heat pump for the first time, adding to its extensive range of heat pumps. The aroSTOR, which uses a natural coolant, heats water to temperatures of more than 60 °C in an efficient, environmentally friendly and exceptionally quiet fashion. The heat pump can be quickly and easily combined with existing heating appliances and/or photovoltaic systems to deliver extra energy savings. It also boasts the top energy label for this product category (A+) and is suitable for new builds and modernisation projects alike.

The new model comes in output levels of 200 and 270 litres, with the stainless steel tank removing the need for a galvanic anode. The tank weighs just 66 kg, making it 50 per cent lighter than the previous model. With a diameter of 66 cm, it is also noticeably smaller than the forerunner product. The heat pump comes with a five-year warranty.

In addition, Vaillant presents its new aroTHERM plus monobloc air-water heat pump at the ISH. This appliance also uses the natural coolant R290, enabling flow temperatures as well as hot-water temperatures of up to 75 °C. Thanks to its high flow temperatures, the aroTHERM plus is also a great choice for modernisation projects. As the radiators frequently used in existing buildings require higher flow temperatures than underfloor and panel heating, heat pumps have thus far mainly been confined to new builds. With just 33 dB(A) – measured at a distance of three metres –, the new aroTHERM plus is exceptionally quiet, enabling installation in densely populated environments such as terraced housing.

The heat pump system comprises an outdoor unit and a compact indoor unit, which holds all the hydraulics and the accompanying water storage. This saves time and money at the installation stage. Based on an outdoor air temperature of –7 °C and a hot-water temperature of 35 °C, the new heat pump will be available at output levels of 3, 5, 7, 10 and 12 kW from 2020.

With the aroTHERM plus and the aroSTOR, Vaillant is expanding its ever-increasing range of highly efficient heat pumps. In 2018, the company unveiled the recoCOMPACT exclusive and versoTHERM plus indoor air-water heat pumps. Despite taking up little space, the recoCOMPACT exclusive all-in-one solution offers everything necessary for a convenient heating, hot-water and fresh-air supply, not to mention cooling if desired. The versoTHERM plus is an exceptionally flexible appliance that can be expanded on a modular basis by adding other components. The versoTHERM plus can, for instance, be combined with a variety of controlled domestic ventilation solutions.

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    Vaillant presents its new aroSTOR hot-water heat pump, boasting the top energy label for this product category (A+), at the ISH.

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