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Press release

Frankfurt am Main / Remscheid, 14 March 2017

The right ventilation system for every building: new decentralised units for modernisation

  • Operation dependent on demand, thanks to humidity, light and CO2 sensors
  • Wirelessly connect 16 units into an overall ventilation system
  • Especially suitable for existing buildings

Vaillant demonstrates new recoVAIR units for decentralised domestic ventilation at the ISH 2017. Only a power connection is required for installation. There is no need for condensate drainage, which allows a highly flexible installation process. The units are A-rated for energy efficiency. Humidity and light sensors are standard parts of each unit, so that they adjust themselves to the humidity in a room. Ventilation only takes place when needed, thus reducing operating costs. Thanks to the light sensor, the unit works particularly silently at night. A ceramic heat exchanger ensures efficient heat recovery. When several decentralised domestic ventilation units are in use at the same property, operation can easily be levelled out between them. This is made possible by wireless communication among the decentralised versions of these smart recoVAIR products. Up to 16 units can be combined wirelessly into an overall system, without the use of additional modules. “To reach today’s and tomorrow’s energy and subsidy assessment standards, controlled domestic ventilation is a vital addition to a system,” says Christian Sieg, Head of Product and Service Management at Vaillant Germany. “Vaillant has a comprehensive range for this purpose. Our central recoVAIR units meet the highest requirements. Thanks to easy retrofitting, our new decentralised units are ideally suited for existing buildings.”

Control via CO2 sensors

The new decentralised domestic ventilation units are based on the push-and-pull principle: The fan changes direction at specified intervals, both for incoming and outgoing air. A control panel can be added as an option, making it possible to use a CO2 sensor, so that the system is also controlled according to the CO2 content in the air. Moreover, the products are extremely silent, working at no more than 26 to 37 dB(A). A range of different operating programs can be started via an infrared remote control unit. In the summer, for instance, heat recovery can simply be switched off, and the hot air in the room can be discharged to the outside. The minimum air exchange, required under the German standard DIN 1946-6, is ensured at all times. There is no need for ventilation ducts, saving time and money on installation and ensuring that systems are also suitable for the modernisation of existing buildings. Servicing is fast and can be conducted without tools. Furthermore, the filters and heat exchangers are washable.

About Vaillant

Vaillant offers its customers worldwide eco-friendly, energy-saving heating and ventilation systems that make increasing use of renewable energies. Its product portfolio encompasses solar-thermal and photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, pellet boilers, ventilation systems for low-energy buildings, combined heat and power stations, high-efficiency heating systems using fossil fuels, and intelligent controls.


Press release: The right ventilation system for every building new decentralised units for modernisation

Press picture 1: The right ventilation system for every building new decentralised units for modernisation

Press picture 2: The right ventilation system for every building new decentralised units for modernisation

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