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Our vision

“Taking care of a better climate. Inside each home and the world around it.”

With highly efficient heating technology, we enable our customers to heat in an energy-saving and eco-friendly manner. At the same time, we play an active role in climate protection thanks to resource-saving solutions.

Pointing the way to a green future

Ever since the company was established by Johann Vaillant in 1874, we have been transforming energy into warmth and comfort for people.

We specialise in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology – which are all critical factors in the energy transition. In the European Union alone, more than 40 per cent of primary energy is used in the buildings sector. Furthermore, a large proportion of installed heating equipment is no longer up to date. Intelligent heating and hot-water products and solutions harbour considerable potential in terms of reducing CO₂ emissions.

Our objective is to enable the use of cutting-edge heating equipment in each and every home. We take our responsibility for the global climate extremely seriously, including in terms of our own business operations. The Vaillant Group is climate-neutral in its own operations since 2020 (Scope 1 and 2). As part of our sustainability programme, SEEDS, we have developed an ambitious climate strategy.

Our vision shows us the way. In our case, this means a future in which heating and hot water are supplied without any CO₂ emissions. This can, however, only be achieved if gas and electricity grids switch gradually, but completely, to renewable energy sources.

Our strategy

In order to shape the heating market of tomorrow, we have set three strategic priorities. We plan to expand our leading international position in the area of highly efficient gas-fired condensing technology. At the same time, we strive to play a leading role in Europe when it comes to heat pumps. Furthermore, we are investing heavily in the development of digital solutions.

Highly efficient gas-fired condensing technology

Gas technologies will remain a key pillar of the heating market beyond 2050 and therefore a cost-effective, long-term solution for existing buildings. They will also still form part of the Vaillant Group’s core business. In keeping with our vision, we are developing ever more climate-friendly gas appliances, including those that can also be run on “green” gas.

Electric heat pumps

Electric heat pumps are the heating systems of the future. With this growing product segment, we are able to make a significant contribution to the decarbonisation of the buildings sector. Whenever heat pumps are operated using electricity from renewable sources, they do not generate any CO₂ emissions; this is just one example of how we enable our customers to play a part in climate protection through energy-efficient and eco-friendly products.

Digital solutions

Digitalisation is apparent throughout the entire Vaillant Group. We are developing streamlined processes and expanding our core business through digital business models, thus adding even more value for our customers and partners. We are offering our customers new services and customised energy management solutions. We are helping our partners to optimise their services and make their processes more efficient.