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1874 / Vaillant

Johann Vaillant settles in Remscheid as a “coppersmith and pump manufacturer” and sets up a master craftsmen’s workshop for installation work.

1894 / Vaillant

The “closed system” gas-fired bath boiler: a pioneering innovation. On 21 July 1894, Johann Vaillant obtains the patent for his “closed system” gas-fired bath boiler. It is the first boiler that can heat water without combustion gases condensing into it. People can enjoy hot, clean water for the first time. It is also possible to regulate the water temperature. Two years later, Johann Vaillant manages to prevent his invention from being subjected to the luxury tax – effectively democratising hot water.

1899 / Vaillant

Johann Vaillant adopts the image of an Easter bunny in an egg as his trademark, making him a branding pioneer in the German consumer goods industry. Today, the Vaillant hare is one of the most famous trademarks in Europe.

1900 / Vaillant

The Perfectus safety valve makes it impossible to open the gas-fired bath boiler until cold water flows into the device and the removable burner is pulled out. Safety is paramount!

1905 / Vaillant

The wall-hung version of the gas bath boiler: a world première from Vaillant. The wall-hung Geyser makes it possible to heat water even in a small room. Vaillant conquers the market with an innovation that is still around today.

1907 / Saunier Duval

Saunier Duval & Cie is founded by Charles Saunier and Maurice Duval.

1909 / Vaillant

Early social welfare measure: in 1909, Johann Vaillant becomes one of the first entrepreneurs in the region to give his workforce Saturday afternoons off.

1922 / Saunier Duval

Heating and hot water products are the focus of the Saunier Duval Brand.

1924 / Vaillant

Central heating boiler. With a central heating boiler from Vaillant it is now possible to heat all the rooms in a house from one central location. Radiators are all that is needed to heat the rooms themselves.

1930 / Saunier Duval

The production of gas street lamps in France makes up the core business area.

1934 / AWB

Herman van Thiel founded his company in the rural village of Beek en Donk under the name Handelstechnisch Bureau en Apparatenfabriek. He initially concentrated on agricultural equip-ment such as wheelbarrows, tractors and saw-ing machines, besides also manufacturing oil-fired heating. His craft was well-regarded and he had soon built up a good reputation in the region. As time passed, the company focused more and more on manufacturing countercur-rent appliances as well as heating systems and ventilators.

1934 / Bulex

The gas water heater Bulex is born. The Bulex brand later evolves so successfully that everybody knows what a “Bulex” is.

1934 / Glow-worm

The Glow-worm Boiler and Fireplace Co. Ltd. starts manufacturing cast-iron domestic cooking stoves and boilers at the Derwent Foundry.

1940 / Saunier Duval

Vesugaz and Vesuvius become the French bestsellers among gas water heaters.

1950s–60s / Bulex

The Bulex appeared a few years later in the first Belgian bathrooms.

1950 / Saunier Duval

Highly modern service, sales and training throughout France.

1953 / AWB

Thanks to increasing knowledge in the heating sector, the company develops the first oil-fired boiler, Centr-O-Therm. In those days the boiler was seen as hugely beneficial: heat generation only required oil, electricity, water and a connection to the chimney. It was also easy to install.

1954 / DemirDöküm

The company is established in Istanbul by Vehbi Koç.

1957 / AWB

The company was given the name we still rec-ognise to this day: Apparatenfabriek Warmtebouw – in short, AWB. AWB was the first Dutch company to combine a boiler and burner in one appliance.

Since 1960s / Saunier Duval

With the expansion to Western and Eastern Europe comes Saunier Duval’s first logo.

1961 / AWB

The first gas boiler, Thermo Convent, is developed.

1961 / Vaillant

Circo-Geyser MAG-C 20 gas-fired circulation water heater. Vaillant revolutionises the heating technology market yet again – with the first wall-hung, gas-fired circulation water heater: the Circo-Geyser MAG-C 20 will continue to set standards for decades.

1963 / Glow-worm

Glow-worm produces “Balanced Flue” – the room-sealed, gas heating and hot water boiler. Balanced-flue appliances can be positioned more flexibly in a room and improve safety for the homeowner as the boiler is completely room sealed. A few years later, Glow-worm goes on to produce a back boiler unit to generate heating and hot water through a fire-front space heater, using product names such as the ‘Majorca’ to appeal to the 1970s homeowner. This unit is still going strong in many households in the UK.

1963 / Saunier Duval

Saunier Duval's first compact wall-mounted gas-water heater SD216.

1963 / DemirDöküm

As of 1963, besides cast-iron boilers, also gas-fired instantaneous water heaters and LPG gas burners are manufactured, as well as butane gas ranges and butane stoves, under another license agreement with the German company Junkers.

1965 / Saunier Duval

A modern production plant is built in Nantes: one gas boiler every 37 seconds.

1967 / Vaillant

Combined heating and hot water appliance – Combi-Geyser VCW 20

Heating and hot water from one boiler, with short warm-up times and demand-driven performance: the Combi-Geyser VCW 20 is another Vaillant innovation.

1968 / AWB

The first heating furnace – known in Dutch as the Moederhaard (“Mother fireplace”) – is developed. It is sold right up to 2004 as a kind of central fireplace in the home. Some living rooms in the Netherlands still feature a Moederhaard today.

Since the early 1970s / Bulex

1970 Bulex becomes part of the French company Saunier Duval. 1971 Renova becomes also part of Saunier Duval.

1970 / Hermann Saunier Duval

The Hermann plant is founded; cast-iron, floor-standing boilers go into production.

1971 / Glow-worm

Glow-worm produces its first cast-iron, wall-hung boiler – the “Space Saver” – which goes on to be one of the most successful heating products of the 1970s.

1971 / Bulex

An after-sales service, Pegase, is set up.

1973 / DemirDöküm

The plant in Alibeyköy Çobançeşme opens its doors.

1974 / Bulex

Bulex and Renova merge – Renova-Bulex is born.

1974 / Vaillant

Electronic controls – the Combi-Geyser VCW T3W. Vaillant brings out an electronically controlled, gas-fired wall-hung boiler. The Combi-Geyser VCW T3W automatically adapts its performance to heating requirements. Longer running times make it more efficient.

1975–1991 / Vaillant

Vaillant sells its products internationally and increases its presence through locations in other markets.

1979–1990 / DemirDöküm

The company opens its plant in Bozüyük for gas-fired instantaneous water heaters and steel compact radiators. In addition, a license agreement is concluded with Saunier Duval in France on the production of wall-hung boilers. A further contract is drawn up with the German kitchen manufacturer ALNO on the production of built-in appliances.

1983 / Hermann Saunier Duval

Production begins on a wide range of combi WHBs with integrated storage.

1984 / Glow-worm

Glow-worm produces “Fuelsaver”, a lightweight copper central-heating boiler, which becomes one of Glow-worm’s best-selling appliances. It is promoted by comedian Les Dawson in a highly successful, nationwide advertising campaign.

1985 / AWB

The ThermoMasterVR has been sold several hundred thousand times to date. This non-condensing appliance was launched on the market in 1985.

1987 / Glow-worm

The symbol of the brand is a glow worm.

1991 / Protherm

Protherm is founded and the first boilers are manufactured in Zličín, Prague.

1991 / Vaillant

Thermoblock - the new generation is particularly low-emission. With a fully premixing atmospheric burner with integrated water cooling, Vaillant sets ecological standards at an early stage.

1992 / Bulex

The After-Sales-Service changes its name to Bulex service.

1992 / Glow-worm

Glow-worm manufactures its first mass-produced condensing boiler, “Energysaver”. Energysaver makes condensing technology a mainstream product. The market share of Glow-worm grows by the success and the popularity of the Energysaver to approximately 40 per cent. Energysaver is also the first alu-minium boiler to achieve a very high efficiency rating.

1992 / Protherm

Sales of electric boilers boom and series production begins in Skalica.

1993 / Hermann Saunier Duval

The new range of WHBs for external and con-cealed installation are pioneering in the segment.

1994 / Protherm

The first generation of wall-hung gas boilers are produced.

1994 / DemirDöküm

The first radiators are manufactured at the new plant in Bozüyük.

1995 / AWB

The ThermoMaster2HR is developed. Its high quality is convincing on the European markets and it receives the Best Buy award in the category of High Efficiency Boilers in 1997 and 2001.

1995 / Vaillant

Vaillant starts manufacturing wall-hung circulation water heaters with condensing boiler technology that it has developed in-house.

1996 / Protherm

Business partnership with the Saunier Duval corporation begins.

1996 & 1999 / Vaillant

The Vaillant Excellence quality process launched in 1996 starts to bear fruit: Vaillant is awarded the German Quality Prize.

1997 / DemirDöküm

DemirDöküm is issued the first ISO 9000 certificate to be awarded in Turkey. In 1997, the company changes its logo to the now well-known intertwined “D”.

1997 / Vaillant

Solar thermal systems. Vaillant is enhancing its product portfolio by drawing on regenerative energy, using sources such as solar thermal systems to heat drinking water.

1997–2000 / Saunier Duval

A new generation of gas boilers is successfully launched: Isofast, Isomax, Isosplit and Isosplit Condens.

1998 / Hermann Saunier Duval

The new Micra range features one of the most compact boilers on the market.

2000 / Hermann Saunier Duval

The new Eura WHB with integrated micro-accumulation technology is produced. The con-densing range is set to follow.

2001 / AWB

AWB becomes part of the Vaillant Group.

2001 / Bulex

Bulex becomes part of the Vaillant Group.

2001 / Saunier Duval

Saunier Duval becomes part of the Vaillant Group.

2001 / Protherm

New Panther and Leopard series are developed as well as the new condensing boiler Lion; Protherm becomes part of the Vaillant Group.

2001 / Glow-worm

Glow-worm becomes part of the Vaillant Group and launches a new generation of wall-hung combi condensing boilers with the “xi”.

2001 / Protherm

Protherm is successfully incorporated into the Vaillant Group.

2001 / DemirDöküm

The subsidiary company Panel A.Ş. is founded.

2001 / Vaillant

The Compact range. Vaillant introduces the Compact range, which offers a perfect combination of boiler and hot water storage. Compact systems are efficient to run, simple to install and flexible to connect.

Vaillant takes over the British Hepworth Group. AWB, Bulex, Saunier Duval and Protherm become part of the newly created Vaillant Group, one of the leading manufacturers of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology.

2002 / DemirDöküm

Through a joint venture between DemirDöküm and Chung in Hong Kong, the company is now also present in China.

2003 / DemirDöküm

In 2003, DemirDöküm produces the first wall-hung boiler, which incorporates know-how and technology developed entirely by the company.

2003 / DemirDöküm

The Chinese branch is founded in Beijing.

2004 / Saunier Duval

Introduction of the new heat-pump generation Magna Air.

2004 / Hermann Sauniel Duval

The Vaillant Group acquires the majority stake in the Italian heating technology manufacturer Hermann S.r.l..

2005 / Glow-worm

Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Margaret Beckett announces new legislation for the changeover to high energy efficiency during a visit to Belper. Glow-worm is a leading manufacturer in the switch to high efficiency boilers and goes on to launch a com-pletely new range in the following years, which includes “Flexicom”, a high-efficiency boiler with direct rear flue and cupboard fit.

2005 / Hermann Saunier Duval

The condensing range is expanded and Spazio Condensing & Spaziozero Condensing ranges introduced.

2005 / DemirDöküm

The company’s own production plants are taken over and the brand name DemirDöküm is registered.

2007 / DemirDöküm

The Vaillant Group acquires the majority interest in DemirDöküm.

2007 / AWB

The introduction of the new condensing boiler ThermoElegance.

2007 / Hermann Saunier Duval

Extensive range of condensing boilers to meet all needs.

2008 / Protherm

Non-condensing wall-hung boiler Panther and condensing wall-hung boiler Lion are launched.

2009 / AWB

AWB celebrates its 75th birthday and introduces two new solutions: geothermal heat pump MagnaGeo and air heat pump MagnaAir.

2009 / Protherm

The brand’s good position in the gas boiler market is consolidated in Eastern Europe; ex-port activities to Asia increase.

2010 / Glow-worm

Glow-worm introduces new warranty options for "Club Energy" installers to differentiate itself from the competition. Loyal installers can now offer their customers a guarantee of up to 15 years on their heaters. One year later, Club begins to grant installers in the Republic of Ireland access to the loyalty programme. Another innovation: for the first time, a commissioning form is available online and via the "Plumbing Toolbox" app.

2010 / Protherm

A new Protherm corporate design is launched; the innovative Ray electric boiler, the Panther condensing wall-hung boiler and the HelioSet solar energy system are all released onto the market.

2010 / DemirDöküm

The two wall-hung condensing boilers Atron and Nitromix are honoured with one of the most im-portant prizes for industrial design, the Good Design Award.

2012 / Hermann Saunier Duval

Two long traditions finally unite in the creation of Hermann Saunier Duval.

2013 / Glow-worm

Glow-worm revolutionises its warranty choices for “Club Energy” installers. Loyal installers are now able to offer their customers a warranty of up to 15 years on their boilers. Glow-worm is the industry pioneer in offering lifetime warranties. One year later, “” starts offering installers in the Republic of Ireland access to the award winning loyalty programme. Glow-worm introduces yet another feature to Club Energy. For the first time in the industry, a benchmark commissioning form is available online, as well as from the Plumbing Toolbox app, making Glow-worm the only manufacturer to promote best practice.

2013 / Hermann Saunier Duval

New products with a new design herald the beginning of a new era: the Genia Air heat pumps represent our first Hermann Saunier Duval product range.

2014 / DemirDöküm

The Bozüyük plant is undergoing modernisation. To mark the company’s 60th birthday, special advertisements show how DemirDöküm accompanies people in their everyday life. DemirDöküm is traditionally regarded as a leading specialist in heating and air-conditioning technology in Turkey. The company's products are also sold in Europe, Asia and North Africa.


Remote Services / Vaillant

Using the sensoNET communication module you and your heating installer can examine, analyse and adjust your heating system online. With sensoAPP you needn’t be concerned about your heating comfort anymore because you are constantly informed about the system status and can control the heating temperature in advance. Installers are able to deal with maintenance instructions and error messages directly from their office – and adjusts your heating system so that it always runs within an optimal range.

Control / Vaillant Group

Vaillant Group systems with the right controller are easy and intuitive to use. Vaillant controllers meet comfort requirements by the press of a button or by a simple rotation and even save energy automatically – because they ensure that the complete system works at optimum operating conditions. All Vaillant Group controllers are installed quickly, blend harmoniously into the living area and offer a number of individual settings.

Systematic design / Vaillant

The Vaillant product design helps to make our brand unique. Vaillant appliances are not only technically perfect on the inside, but also on the outside: they look and feel good in the living area. Vaillant design is all about ease of use, sustainable materials and long-lasting innovative solutions. Vaillant products are durable and will not look outdated in 15 years thanks to their quiet, confident and timeless design. The Vaillant brand shield can be found on all products: it combines the well-known Vaillant Smiley, the dividing line in the golden ratio of the front panel and the modern, three-dimensional trademark in a universal design element.

Complete Systems / Vaillant Group

Only optimally attuned components achieve maximum performance with a minimum of energy. This is why the Vaillant Group offers everything under one roof: from heating appliances through to hot water supply, home ventilation and solar support right over to suitable flue gas discharge systems and intelligent control units. This approach guarantees that all components will work together as ideally as possible. Whether for single flats or entire blocks, new builds or renovated buildings, whether using solar energy, geothermal energy, oil or electricity, and whether from Vaillant, Saunier Duval, AWB, Bulex, DemirDöküm, Glow-worm, Hermann Saunier Duval or Protherm – the Vaillant Group offers tailor-made, all-in-one solutions for every type of application and for every energy source.

Heat Pumps / Vaillant Group

Heat pumps increase the temperature of the environmental heat contained naturally in the earth, air and groundwater in such a way that these sources can be used for heating. Only about a quarter of the thermal energy has to be supplied in the form of electricity. Compared with conventional heating systems, the heat pumps produced by the Vaillant Group are able to cut energy consumption by half and reduce emissions to a quarter or even less. Several Vaillant Group brands offer a range of heat pump systems for utilising any environmental heat source for heating, cooling and generating hot water in new and existing single and multi-family households.

Free home energy / Saunier Duval

Free home energy: save money on heating costs and protect the environment with solar collectors from Saunier Duval.

Solar energy / Vaillant Group

Solar energy is inexhaustible, more environmentally-friendly than any other energy source, and it does not cost a penny. The most efficient solar system works in combination with a heat pump, however a combination involving gas or oil condensing boilers is also economically viable. Solar collectors, suitable solar cylinders and solar control units count among the products offered by several brands within the Vaillant Group.


Vaillant offers everything from one source: first-class systems and first-class service.

Vaillant Group Services / Vaillant Group

The Vaillant Group thinks beyond its products. Depending on the brand, this is clear not only through the intuitive tangibility of our products and systems, but also thanks to the premium service our brands offer: clear and understandable information on the web, energy-saving tips for heating with renewable energy as well as product films, direct downloads and much more. The Vaillant Group brands are also fully focused on giving individual, professional advice on the application areas for the systems and their optimal use. The customer service teams are always on hand to help and are committed to finding optimal solutions as quickly as possible.


The Flemish and Walloons might speak different languages, but there is at least one thing they have in common: the people in both parts of Belgium use the word “Bulex” as a synonym for reliable, durable gas-fired boilers from the brand of the same name.


Condensing boilers use almost the total amount of heat produced during the combustion of gas or oil, including the heat contained in the flue gas which disappears up the chimney in traditional systems. Condensing boilers manufactured by all brands within the Vaillant Group noticeably reduce energy consumption and energy costs compared to older, conventional heating technology. Regardless of whether or not it is the only type of heater used or whether hybrid systems are installed which incorporate a heat pump or combined heat and power units: condensing boilers manufactured by the Vaillant Group brands are just the thing for the sustainable use of valuable energy in buildings of all sizes.



Accounting for 41 per cent of the primary energy requirement, buildings are the largest energy consumers, with 90 per cent of that figure alone apportioned to heating and hot water. The Vaillant Group is responding to the global challenge of lowering energy consumption and CO₂ emissions. With our focus on green products, our family-owned company actively contribute to achieving Europe’s climate goals. Our innovative system solutions for living comfort are part of the progress being made to achieve these goals: the energy transition starts at home.


Gas as a fuel has a green future ahead: in Vaillant’s electricity-to-gas technology, surplus electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind, water or the sun is used to produce hydrogen that can be fed into the gas grid. Fuel-cell heating units and CHP plants manufactured by the Vaillant brand are used as a highly efficient way of converting the energy temporarily stored in the gas distribution system into heat or electricity, as and when it is needed.


Not only solar technology and combined heat and power, but also wind and hydroelectric power deliver extremely environmentally friendly energy, yet not always when it is needed in the home. The challenge for the Vaillant Group and its brands therefore lies in closing the gap between the point at which electricity is produced and when it is subsequently used. In future, innovative storage technologies and new storage media such as latent heat and electricity storage systems will be able to store this energy in the smallest of spaces, even over long periods of time.


Sustainability is firmly anchored in the production processes of all Vaillant Group brands. With an eye to the future, this means more energy-saving and resource-efficient production in all production sites operated by our family-owned company. Products are designed according to recycling and cradle-to-cradle concepts, providing a direct resource for new products at the end of their life cycle. With this in mind, choosing optimal materials will be even more important in the future. In addition, more and more innovative production methods are coming into play, which bring together man and machine in harmony. With a comprehensive set of strategic measures, the Vaillant Group is seeking to make its production footprint even greener.

SMART LIVING / Vaillant Group

The Vaillant heating system of tomorrow is an intelligent system that can be controlled intuitively using a smartphone or tablet, even responding to voice and movement. In future, users of our products can be responsible for managing the energy within their own home by using intuitively operable control technology – regardless of their respective whereabouts. The controls of the future will provide users with real-time information about their own energy consumption and give valuable tips on how to exploit energy-saving potential.

Employees / Vaillant Group

The requirements concerning the qualifications and competence of Vaillant Group employees increase with the advancing complexity of modern technology. Of particular significance to us is the question of how to train our family company’s employees to ensure that we are well prepared for the future. How do we react to the fact that the smartphone is increasingly replacing the conventional tool kit? How can we still show our commitment and offer personal proximity with increasing virtuality and digital networking?

Environment / Vaillant Group

Vaillant Group customers have high expectations when it comes to the performance and environmental compatibility of our products. We want to use resources responsibly, reduce CO₂ emissions, prevent negative impacts on the environment in the long term and actively seize opportunities to protect it. The industrial manufacturing processes of tomorrow will use an ever lower number of resources thanks to cradle-to-cradle concepts, allowing the heating systems of the future to be manufactured even more efficiently.


The heat pump of the future also uses green electricity (as well as environmental heat sources such as geothermal energy, groundwater or the air) and therefore is not only adapted to the user’s behaviour but also considers the availability of electricity generated from renewable sources. By doing this, heat pump systems produced by the Vaillant Group will work even more economically and will be kinder to the environment.

Society / Vaillant Group

The Vaillant Group is committed to its social responsibility. In future, safeguarding the social working conditions adhered to at our family-owned company will no longer end at our corporate office, but will apply to the entire supply chain. Social responsibility also means promoting and supporting local social projects at our various company locations.

Development & Products / Vaillant Group

Drawing on ever more sophisticated technology, modern Vaillant Group systems help save energy, conserve natural resources and reduce harmful emissions. Our main focus, especially with regard to the Vaillant brand, is on systems which use renewable energies, as well as efficient gas heating appliances and hybrid systems that intelligently combine fossil fuels and renewable energies. Systems of the Vaillant Group brands are intended to improve the living quality of our customers and contribute to climate protection.


Electricity systems and appliances such as heat pumps or washing machines communicate with each other in an intelligent network in order to ensure that the available energy is used optimally at all times. Even within the home, all building technology elements remain in permanent contact not only with each other, but also with users and service partners. In future, service partners will diagnose and optimally set up the parameters of Vaillant Group heating systems virtually, independent of location. Storage technologies and new storage media such as latent heat storage and electricity storage systems are capable of storing this energy in compact spaces, even over long periods of time.