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The Vaillant Group in black and white

Brands and international presence, employees and values, development and innovation, customers and partners, sales and results: the Vaillant Group’s key figures at a glance.

The Vaillant Group introduces itself

Our company was founded in 1874 and remains completely family-owned to this day. The Vaillant Group is the second largest company in the European heating, ventilation and air conditioning sector and a globally recognised leader in technology.

Eight brands in over 60 countries:

  • Vaillant

    Our premium brand Vaillant develops customised system solutions that combine innovative technologies while using renewable energy sources to an ever-increasing extent – for customers who demand the highest standards of convenience, design, sustainability and efficiency.

  • Saunier Duval

    Saunier Duval is successful all over Europe with its heating, hot water and air conditioning technology. The French brand has acquired a first-class reputation over more than 100 years with proven, efficient and easy-to-operate products.

  • AWB

    The Dutch brand has been synonymous with high quality at affordable prices and great customer service since 1934. The company from Helmond maintains close partnerships with skilled technicians.

  • Bulex

    In Belgium, whole generations have grown up with the reliable and economical heating technology supplied by Bulex – the more than 80-year-old brand’s name is regarded by the Flemish and Walloons as the epitome of and synonym for gas-fired boilers.

  • DemirDöküm

    DemirDöküm products are popular in the brand’s home country – as well as in more than 50 other nations around the world: the Turkish brand supplies solid and efficient boilers, air conditioners, radiators and more to Africa, the Near and Middle East, Central Asia – and even to China and Chile.

  • Glow-worm

    Products by Glow-worm are extremely popular on the British market: the appliances are regarded as particularly reliable, economical and easy to operate. Glow-worm has been supplying its customers with heating and hot water for more than 75 years.

  • Hermann Saunier Duval

    The Italian brand Hermann Saunier Duval mainly owes its renown on its domestic market to solid condensing boilers characterised by optimum efficiency and modern technology that eases the burden on both the environment and many household budgets.

  • Protherm

    This brand, which focuses on Central and Eastern Europe, has been highly popular in many countries for over two decades because its services are completely attuned to its customers’ wishes – and because the products with the panther logo are exceptionally durable and reliable.

Employees and values

The Vaillant Group employs around 13,000 members of staff around the world, with 4,300 providing comprehensive customer service, we look to recruit 65 per cent of our managers from within our own ranks.

  • 13,000

    members of staff around the world

  • 4,300

    providing customer service

  • 65%

    of our managers from within our own ranks

Development and innovation

Our company has one of the largest development team in the industry, with around 800 employees across seven locations worldwide. We are involved in over 150 research and development projects. The Vaillant Group registers numerous patents every year and holds almost 2,000 patents in total.

  • 800

    product and technology development staff

  • 150

    research and development projects

  • 2,000


Sales and results

In the 2017 financial year, the Vaillant Group generated sales of 2.4 billion euros. Operating earnings amounted to 232 million euros.

  • €2.4 billion


  • €232 million

    operating earnings

  • 2017

    financial year

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