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The Vaillant Group in black and white

Brands and international presence, employees and values, development and innovation, customers and partners, sales and results: the Vaillant Group’s key figures at a glance.

The Vaillant Group introduces itself

Our company was founded in 1874 and remains completely family-owned to this day. The Vaillant Group is now one of the largest companies in the European heating, ventilation and air-conditioning sector when measured by annual turnover and headcount.

Employees and values

The Vaillant Group employs around 14,000 members of staff around the world, with about a third providing comprehensive customer service. We look to recruit a large portion of our managers from within our own ranks.

  • Around 14,000

    members of staff around the world

  • Around 30%

    providing customer service

  • The majority

    of our managers come from within our own ranks


In the 2019 financial year, the Vaillant Group generated sales of around 2.6 billion euros.

  • Around €2.6

    billion in annual sales

  • 2019

    financial year