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Sales launch: New aroTHERM plus heat pump

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Remscheid, 10 March 2020

  • Also suitable for modernisation thanks to higher feed temperatures

  • Quiet operation: Only 29 dB(A) when free-standing

  • Comprehensive service package makes installation easier for skilled technicians

After extensive field and practical tests, sales of aroTHERM plus - the first Vaillant air-to-water heat pump suitable for both new and existing buildings - will begin in April 2020. The monoblock heat pump works with a natural, particularly environmentally friendly refrigerant and can generate feed and hot water temperatures of up to 75 degrees Celsius. It is also extremely quiet: Its operating noise is only 29 dB(A) when installed in the open, and only 32 dB(A) for a 5 kW unit on a wall at a distance of three metres. The aroTHERM plus is thus also suitable for particularly compact buildings.

Environmentally friendly and efficient

aroTHERM plus is the first Vaillant product based on renewable energy sources that can also be used in modernisation thanks to its high feed temperatures. As the radiators frequently used in existing buildings require higher feed temperatures than underfloor heating systems, heat pumps have so far been used primarily in new buildings.

The aroTHERM plus can monovalently - i.e. without the support of a second heat source - supply a radiator system commonly used in existing buildings with 55 degrees Celsius. The controllable, modulating heat pump automatically adjusts its output optimally. Furthermore, legionella protection can be implemented without additional electrical heating. The aroTHERM plus also offers the option of active cooling - a real additional benefit in increasingly hot summers. A further advantage is that as it even achieves the annual coefficient of performance (JAZ) of 4.5 prescribed by the German funding authority in new buildings, aroTHERM plus is eligible for a grant of up to 35 percent of the total investment.

"By far the largest CO2 emitters in German households are inefficient units for heat and hot water production,” says Sebastian Albert, Head of Product and Service Management at Vaillant Germany. "As 60 percent of all heating systems in Germany are not state of the art, the potential for CO2 reduction is enormous. For the first time, aroTHERM plus offers owners of existing properties the opportunity to use environmentally friendly heat pump technology.

Installation made easy

Vaillant offers its trade partners a comprehensive range of services with the sales launch of the new heat pump. This includes the systemASSIST installation app with which a skilled technician can scan a QR code on the product and thus access videos showing the step by step installation of aroTHERM plus. The printed planning and installation instructions also contain a QR code that leads to the videos when scanned. It can be used to determine the design of the heat pump and the required hot water cylinder quickly and easily.

Due to the monoblock design of the new heat pump, technicians do not require proof of their expertise in handling refrigerants for the installation and commissioning. Because the innovative technology requires only the construction of a water-based, hydraulic system. This means that work on the refrigeration circuit is not necessary either during installation or during subsequent maintenance by a technician.

From April 2020, the aroTHERM plus will be available with heating outputs of 5, 7 and 12 kW. From June 2020 Vaillant will extend its range with additional models having outputs of 3 and 10 kW.

Further information is available from Vaillant Germany, Berghauser Straße 40, 42859 Remscheid, Vaillant infoline: +49 2191 5767920, email:, web:

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