Market share gains in the area of gas-fired condensing boiler technology

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  • Green iQ product line receives very positive market reception

  • EU research project on fuel cell heating devices successfully completed

120 Vaillant xellPOWER fuel cell heaters installed, a new device in the Green iQ product line and market share gains in the area of condensing boilers – at the SHK trade fair in Essen, Vaillant appeared well-equipped for the future. The company’s heat pump range has been expanded, as has its solar thermal range. The planSOFT planning software now also provides a 360-degree view of building renovation, making it unique in the market. “Here in Germany, we can look back on a successful year, and we are well prepared for the future. In the area of gas-fired condensing technology, we have increased our market share. In addition, our green, intelligent product range Green iQ has been very well received by customers,” says Dr Tillmann von Schroeter, Managing Director of Vaillant Germany. “Over the past year, it was particularly important for us to help our skilled technicians deal with challenges such as the Ecodesign Directive.”

The new online version of planSOFT: new system analysis feature

The new online version of planSOFT shows detailed, specific possibilities for renovating buildings to make them more energy-efficient. A new feature – unique in the market – is the comprehensive system comparison tool which the planning software now provides. Instead of simply listing different heating technologies, planSOFT compares heating system renovation in conjunction with the energy-efficient renovation of the building envelope, windows, doors and heat pumps. The customer can also be shown all the financial aspects related to energy-efficient renovation. This includes investment costs, current interest rates and possible subsidies.

120 fuel cell heaters installed

There is a particular focus on bringing Vaillant’s xellPOWER fuel cell heater into series production. As part of the ene.field field trial, Vaillant is successfully operating 120 fuel cell heaters. “xellPOWER is an important future technology for us. We are very satisfied with the field trial results,” says Christian Sieg, Head of Product and Service Management at Vaillant Germany. As part of the European ene.field project, over 1,000 devices by several manufacturers were tested in 12 countries. “Vaillant xellPOWER was specifically designed for detached and semi-detached houses. We designed the installation to fit the needs and knowledge of heating, plumbing and air-conditioning specialists,” says Sieg.

Modular battery storage concept with at least 10,000 full charge cycles

The second generation of the eloPACK battery storage system can be easily integrated into existing systems and into the electrical environment of buildings thanks to its compact size. It is available in increments of 2 kWh, with capacities ranging from 2 to 12 kWh. All output sizes are equipped with the same components, such as standard outer casing and the same inverter. Only high-quality modules using lithium iron phosphate technology are used in the device. Because of this, the battery storage modules meet the highest safety standards. Vaillant calculates a lifespan of around 20 years for the eloPACK battery storage system. This easily covers around 10,000 complete charge cycles.

Green iQ product range grows

The ecoTEC exclusive VCW has been added to the Green iQ range. It is a wall-mounted gas-fired condensing boiler with a built-in hot water supply. The new ecoTEC exclusive VCW works on the basis of the proven technologies used in the ecoTEC exclusive VC and also has a new heat exchanger concept. It provides around eight per cent more hot water output compared with conventional combi gas-heating devices.

New ecoVIT for the easy retrofitting of older systems

With the new ecoVIT floor-standing gas-fired condensing boiler, Vaillant is offering a high-quality, low-cost product for retrofitting floor-standing non-condensing units. New connection accessories make retrofitting existing systems and carrying out the necessary hydraulic modifications quick and easy. At the same time, the ecoVIT, which has a particularly high water capacity of its own, can easily be integrated into hydraulically challenging older systems.

New drainback solar system auroSTEP plus D

With the new drainback solar system auroSTEP plus D, Vaillant has become the only company in the market to offer a pressure-free solar technology system that prevents the solar unit from overheating in the summer. Hot water is only produced when it is needed. If there is no heat intake and the hot water cylinder is completely heated up to the desired temperature, the solar pump is switched off.

uniTOWER speeds up heat pump installation

The new uniTOWER hydraulic tower contains all the hydraulic and electronic components required for quick integration of the aroTHERM heat pump with 5 to 15 kW heat output, a 190-litre hot water cylinder and the multiMATIC 700 multifunctional system control unit. It speeds up the installation of heat pump systems considerably. To ensure easy delivery, the uniTOWER uses the well-known SplitMountingConcept. It can be split into two pieces in just a few simple steps, making it easy to transport – even in cramped areas such as stairwells.

New space-saving air duct systems for recoVAIR

Vaillant is expanding its product portfolio for air distribution in detached houses and apartment buildings. Alongside tried-and-tested products, the newly expanded recoVAIR range features versatile, individual systems for controlled home ventilation. It includes space-saving low-profile air distributors and additional, flexible sound absorbers. The new flat air distributors can be completely concealed within floors or concrete ceilings. They can also be used as hallway air distributors , which makes installation much easier.

About Vaillant

The Vaillant Group is an internationally active company based in Remscheid, Germany, which operates in the fields of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology. As one of the global market and technology leaders, the Vaillant Group develops and manufactures customised products, systems and services to provide a comfortable living environment. Its product portfolio ranges from efficient heating devices based on conventional energy sources to system solutions for using renewable energy. In the financial year 2020, the company, which has been family-owned since its foundation in 1874, generated sales of more than €2.7 billion with its workforce of about 15,000.


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