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The Johann Vaillant Technology Center at the headquarters of the Vaillant Group in Remscheid: this is where the innovative heart of the company beats. Around 800 employees work in the Johann Vaillant Technology Center on innovative heating technologies that reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The focus is primarily on heat pumps, which significantly reduce energy consumption in the supply of heating and hot water to buildings. Heat pumps use natural energy from the environment - from groundwater, the earth and the air. In this way, they make a significant contribution to more independence from fossil fuels and to a better climate. Inside each home and the world around it.

Come with us to the most modern and advanced development centre in the heating technology industry.

A virtual tour makes it possible to experience how a heat pump is created at the Vaillant Group. 360-degree panoramas and videos with in-depth information allow a look into the development area, the state-of-the-art test centre and production.

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Vaillant Group
Vaillant Group

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