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Press release

Remscheid, 28 April 2017

Vaillant opens new 3D print centre

  • Specialised competence centre for prototype development in 3D printing process inaugurated
  • Shorter innovation cycles due to digital component development and production
  • Further focus on forward-looking development processes at Remscheid site

The Vaillant Group today ceremonially inaugurated in Remscheid a new competence cen-tre for digital 3D printing processes. The new 3D print centre is called 3D-CUBE. The digital print process will be employed initially in pre-series production in the building of prototypes. It forms another interface of development activities and production at the Vaillant Group headquarters in Remscheid.

"Compared to the classic industrial manufacturing system, the 3D print process enables the production of complex components, modules and whole assemblies in much shorter time and at significantly lower costs. This makes the entire development process more flexible and shortens innovation cycles in product development," says Doctor of Engineering Norb-ert Schiedeck, Managing Director Technology at the Vaillant Group, explaining the benefits of the system.

The 3D print process also enables geometrics and structures to be created which with cus-tomary tools and usual system technology could not be produced at all. Examples of this are forms or intertwined components based on the animal or plant world. This is achieved by a layered structure in one work piece. The machines in the 3D print centre also process plastics in different technical systems as well as materials such as synthetic resins, ceram-ics and metals.

The 3D printing takes place completely digitally and data-based. No tools are used or man-ual work carried out. Reworking manufactured components is virtually not required. This boosts the production quality as a whole. The 3D print process is prospectively also an in-teresting solution for spare parts. Instead of extensive storage or complex follow-up produc-tion, certain parts can in future be printed according to need.

The Vaillant Group is an internationally operating heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology concern based in Remscheid, Germany. As one of the world's market and technology leaders, the Vaillant Group develops and produces tailor-made products, systems and provides services for domestic comfort. The product portfolio ranges from efficient heating appliances based on customary fuels to system solutions for using regenerative energy sources. In financial year 2015 the company, which has been family-owned since its founding in 1874, achieved with more than 12,000 employees sales totalling about €2.4 billion.


Vaillant opens new 3D print centre

Vaillant 3D print

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