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Vaillant launches next generation of gas-fired condensing boilers

  • New IoniDetect combustion control system for maximum efficiency
  • Automatically adapts to all gas types and qualities
  • Expansion of the Green iQ range

Frankfurt am Main / Remscheid, 12 March 2019 – With the ecoTEC exclusive, Vaillant presents a product from its new generation of gas-fired condensing boilers for the very first time at the ISH 2019 in Frankfurt am Main. The IoniDetect combustion control system forms the centrepiece of the next-generation appliances. Integrated ionisation technology helps balance out fluctuations in gas quality and automatically recognises different gas types, guaranteeing an optimal energy yield while ensuring top combustion quality. The new, maintenance-free ionisation electrode permanently assesses the quality of the flame and adjusts the combustion air volume in the case of fluctuating gas qualities. Deposits on the ionisation electrode that build up during operation and the resulting impact on the ionisation current are offset by the innovative “Automatic Drift Assistant”, allowing the device to work as efficiently as possible at all times.

Completely reworked electronics and new functional properties make installation and commissioning easier for the installer. For example, this is the first time that the new communication-capable, high-efficiency pump is able to facilitate guided hydraulic balancing conveniently and easily over an app. Balancing is documented in full and digitally archived. As a result, a PDF report can be generated that will then be accepted by the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) and the German Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW) as proof of the eligibility of hydraulic balancing for funding.

In the restructured hydraulic block, all of the key components are more easily accessible, making installation and maintenance a breeze. The product expands the Green iQ series produced by the Remscheid-based heating, ventilation and air-conditioning specialist. The Green iQ label distinguishes sustainable heating technology of the highest quality that is networked for the future.

“The new ecoTEC exclusive is geared entirely to the requirements that will be placed on gas-fired condensing boilers in the years to come,” says Sebastian Albert, Head of Product and Service Management at Vaillant Germany. “Efficiency, connectivity and diagnostic functions alongside easy installation and maintenance – Vaillant is raising the bar with the ecoTEC exclusive.”

The new ecoTEC exclusive is available in different output ratings, either purely for heating (VC) or with integrated hot-water generation (VCW). Modulation of up to 1:10 is achieved regardless of the output rating of 15, 20, 25 or 30 kW. An additional downstream heat exchanger enables the combined device with integrated hot-water generation to heat water up to eight per cent more efficiently than the previous model. This means that hot water is more readily available at the desired temperature, guaranteeing a high level of convenience in the smallest of spaces.

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    The new ecoTEC exclusive works as efficiently as possible at all times. The Vaillant IoniDetect combustion control system helps balance out fluctuations in gas quality.

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