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New Vaillant ISA app guides users through installation and repairs

  • InteractiveServiceAssistant (ISA) with multimedia installation instructions
  • ISA supports installers over their tablet, smartphone or data glasses
  • Extended range of services for installers

Frankfurt am Main / Remscheid, 12 March 2019 – With the new ISA (InteractiveServiceAssistant) app, Vaillant will be able to help navigate its installers in future when it comes to servicing, repairing and installing heating devices. The specially developed app gives users clear step-by-step instructions via their tablet or data glasses. “The app is extremely intuitive. It is similar to a car’s navigation system, the only difference being that with ISA, the installer is navigated around our products,” says Sebastian Albert, Head of Product and Service Management at Vaillant Germany. This new service package is unique in the market.

Using the ISA app is easy: after entering the device code and providing the error message or maintenance request, the app guides the installer through the assignment one step at a time with the help of texts, images and videos. The installers can also activate the app mid-task, for example if they are unsure about what to do next. ISA can be used both with a mobile device such as a tablet computer and with the Microsoft HoloLens data glasses. In case of the latter, the required information is displayed directly through the glasses in the installer’s field of vision. In addition to touch control, voice control will also be available in the future.

ISA also enables new employees to carry out service assignments quickly and error-free. In order to ensure that the app is used exclusively by installers, an unlock code first has to be ordered from the Vaillant FachpartnerNET before downloading the app from the usual app stores. Not only will Vaillant keep the app up-to-date, it will also add data relevant to the company’s older products over time.

New multimedia installation instructions provide further assistance when fitting Vaillant products. The installer simply has to scan the QR code on the respective device to be taken to a web portal. All kinds of useful videos relevant to the product in question can be found here, covering topics from transport to assembly right over to installation.

With WartungPARTNER, Vaillant is broadening its range of maintenance services for installers. WartungPARTNER is the company’s response to the feedback from many installers that they would prefer Vaillant to carry out maintenance work on their behalf. The contract model used here not only offers a reduced fixed service charge; alongside the actual maintenance work, Vaillant also sends out automatic maintenance reminders with suggested appointment times. If small repairs are needed, the model offers a special ten per cent discount on replacement parts. The maintenance contract itself is concluded between the installer and the end customer, but Vaillant performs the services.

As an optional extra, protection against repair costs is now also available. After a device has been serviced, customers can take out a one-year extended guarantee for gas-fired heating devices of up to 50 kW and also heat pumps. Devices have to be no more than ten years old and there has to be a fixed maintenance contract in place. For extra peace of mind following maintenance work, repair cost protection can be taken out for 69 euros for gas-fired heating devices or 89 euros for heat pumps for the year.

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    Via tablet or HoloLens data glasses the new Vaillant App ISA guides installers through installation and repairs of heating appliances.

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