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New control units for all applications

  • Especially easy to install thanks to plug-and-play design
  • System controller multiMATIC 700 now in sixth generation with expanded functionality
  • Design prize for uniform user interface

Frankfurt am Main / Remscheid, 12 March 2019 – With the sensoCOMFORT 720 and sensoDIRECT 710, Vaillant presents its new generation of control units for eBUS systems at the ISH 2019 in Frankfurt am Main. These units ensure top comfort and maximum energy efficiency when operating Vaillant heaters. High-quality system controller sensoCOMFORT 720 features an illuminated graphic display that can be used to intuitively adjust all settings by touch control. Users can enjoy a uniform user interface concept on the heating device and the control unit’s display as well as in the new sensoAPP, which is compatible with the control unit. This concept was honoured with the Red Dot Design Award in 2018 and boasts numerous new functionalities such as a floor-drying function that can be configured according to the user’s needs. Up to nine mixed heating circuits with and without hot-water generation, cascades with up to seven heat sources, hybrid systems as well as solar thermal, photovoltaic and ventilation systems can be controlled. The installer is guided through the installation process when setting up the new control unit.

With the sensoDIRECT 710, Vaillant has created a weather compensation controller at an attractive price. It lends itself to heating systems with a direct heating circuit – both with and without hot-water generation. The control unit is installed below the gas-fired condensing boiler as a plug-and-play device before being electrically connected to the prepared slot. It is operated via the heating unit’s graphic display.

The new VR 921 Internet communication module can also be installed below the heating unit as a plug-and-play device. Not only does it facilitate an Internet connection, it also enables the heating system to be managed over the sensoAPP.

Now in its sixth generation, the multiMATIC 700 system controller offers new functions. These include cooling with heat pump cascades and the integration of two solar-energy storage units. The system app used with the controller has been adapted accordingly. This type of control system is suitable for almost every application, such as oil- and gas-fired condensing boilers, heat pumps, solar technology, ventilation systems, cascade management and the heating circuit control system. The controller can be flexibly incorporated into home automation connections provided by a variety of providers and is compatible with KNX building automation. Both multiMATIC 700 and sensoCOMFORT 720 can be linked to the SMA energy management system.

Installers can design and configure control technology using the freely available planSOFT software. Support is provided by hydraulics database planNET, which features countless examples of hydraulic-system configurations. Installers can also receive assistance from the app for the respective controller when setting up and servicing the control units.

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    The new Vaillant control units look good, are easy to use and ensure top comfort and maximum energy efficiency when operating Vaillant heaters.

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Vaillant offers its customers worldwide eco-friendly, energy-saving heating and ventilation systems that make increasing use of renewable energies. Its product portfolio encompasses solar-thermal and photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, ventilation systems for low-energy buildings, split air-conditioning units, high-efficiency heating systems using fossil fuels, and intelligent controls.

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