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From the first idea to the product ready for series production

Come with us to the Johann Vaillant Technology Center, the most modern and advanced development centre in the heating technology industry. A virtual tour makes it possible to experience how a heat pump is created at the Vaillant Group.

Donations for Ukraine: 255,000 euros for children and families.

The war in Ukraine is causing inconceivable suffering to the people. Children and families are particularly hard hit by the attacks. For this reason, the Vaillant Group held a fundraising campaign through which all employees were able to support the humanitarian aid of our long-standing partner "SOS Children's Villages worldwide".

255,000 euros for children and families in Ukraine

The employees of the Vaillant Group donated a clear six-digit amount by the end of the fundraising campaign, which the company has topped up. Overall, the Vaillant Group can thus hand over 255,000 euros to SOS Children's Villages, which provides a broad programme of aid for children and families in Ukraine. The overwhelming willingness to help within the Vaillant Group shows that the success of the Vaillant team can not only be measured in business figures.

Because every child needs a warm home

The Vaillant Group and "SOS Children's Villages worldwide" have been linked by an international partnership since 2013. The company has already supported the children's aid organization in 23 countries - with highly efficient heating technology and social projects.

Boosting innovation - Johann Vaillant Technology Center

The Test Centre in the new Johann Vaillant Technology Center has gone into operation. Here we put products and technologies through their paces. After all, the quality must be top-notch for the customer.

One. Point. Five. Degrees.

In Paris in 2015, the world's nations agreed on one common climate target: limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees celcius to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. The Vaillant Group sets itself ambitious goals in its SEEDS sustainability strategy to contribute to this target. ​

Successful with diversity

Diversity and inclusion are part of good corporate governance today. The Vaillant Group also attaches great importance to this topic.

Green light for hydrogen

The British government is considering the increased use of hydrogen in buildings as a source of clean energy. With funding from government, two major projects are currently ongoing, “Hy4heat” and “HyDeploy”, which are looking into the use of hydrogen for heating.

Focus on heat pumps

Demand for Vaillant Group heat pumps has been growing strongly for years. One reason for this: models are available for every need.

Heating with hydrogen

The Vaillant Group develops heating appliances based on hydrogen. As a CO₂-neutral gas, hydrogen can contribute to the decarbonisation of buildings. It’s not just the environment that benefits.

La famiglia

Why would somebody want to renovate the remains of ancient ruins from the 15th century in order to make it into a home? … For the family!

Because every child needs a warm home

That’s what it’s all about: heating technology that quite literally makes for a warm home. Since the partnership was sealed in 2013, the Vaillant Group has been equipping SOS Children’s Villages with heating technology in some 20 countries, sometimes just one device, sometimes complete systems for entire villages.

"A better future for children and families"

In 2018, the Vaillant Group and “SOS Children’s Villages worldwide” agreed to continue their existing partnership. Petra Horn, Managing Director of “SOS Children’s Villages worldwide”, and Dr Jens Wichtermann, Director Corporate Communications, Sustainability & Politics at the Vaillant Group, have jointly reflected on the past and attempt to forecast the future.

Renewable energy for SOS

In 2018, two new SOS Children’s Villages were opened in quick succession in western France. They now offer around 70 children a warm and cosy home. Saunier Duval kitted out the houses – 15 in total – with modern heating technology.

Heat pumps: energy-saving and good for the climate

It was the biggest SOS Children’s Villages project in the history of the Vaillant Group in France. Fifteen large family homes split between two villages were in need of a heating system that conserved as much energy as possible.