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Places worth protecting: the tropical rainforest

Friedhelm Weidemann is set to run through the tropical rainforest

And he’s off… Once again, Friedhelm Weidemann is running to promote climate protection – through another place worth protecting. This time, it’s Brazil’s tropical rainforest. We’re accompanying Weidemann as he travels to – and runs through – this unique landscape. In the coming weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know Weidemann better and take a behind-the-scenes look at his in-depth preparations for the trials and tribulations that lie ahead. Over the next few pages you can follow him on his journey to Brazil. Learn about the ultimate challenge posed by the Jungle Marathon, explore Brazil’s rainforest, and find out what the best sports nutrition products might be for your next adventure.

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Extreme sports nutrition must taste good and be easily digestible – learn more about the best kinds here.


Huge cities, wild landscapes and welcoming people – “diversity” is the word that best describes Brazil. Find out more about the country here.

The Jungle Marathon

It’s considered one of the world’s toughest runs. The route takes participants though thick vegetation, swamps and raging rivers, presenting a very special challenge. Get a taste of the Jungle Marathon here.


The only way to deal with the stresses and strains of the Jungle Marathon is to prepare as best you can. This doesn’t just include rigorous training. The equipment and food must be checked in advance to ensure that they are suitable.

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