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Management approach

We manage our sustainability performance using an established approach: the classic control circle applied to corporate management systems. On the basis of the sustainability strategy, binding and verifiable targetsare set for all four fields of focus in the S.E.E.D.S. programme. For example, reducing CO2 emissions by 25 per cent in the field of environment. In order to meet these targets we then implement operational measuresin all relevant areas of the company. In order to test how effective these mea-sures are, key performance indicators (KPIs) and a target figureare established for all targets. Every quarter, we survey all relevant data on a Group-wide basis to calculate the individual KPIs. These are brought together in a central control tool, the Vaillant Group Sustainability Scorecard. When interpreting the figures, we take into account specific factors such as changes to production capacities, current production volumes and production minutes. By comparing figures from the same period in the previous year against the long-term targets during the annual review, we are able to gain an accurate picture of the current state of our sustainability performance.

Materiality analysis

There are few business-related topics that affect more areas than sustainability does. This means that we do not only need a clear strategy whose success is measured against binding targets. We must also be clear about which areas of activity are particularly important – from the point of view of both the company and its stakeholders. As part of a materiality analysis we carried out another systematic survey of customers, partners, suppliers, employees, owners and other relevant stakeholders in 2019 and thus precisely defined the sustainability-related topics that are most important for our business activities. These topics are aggregated into fields of focus in the Vaillant Group Materiality Matrix.

Climate- and environmentally friendly products, resource conservation and the ability to meet our customers’ ever-growing demands on comfort lie at the heart of our activities. Alongside climate protection and the respective two-degree global target, topics such as promoting sustainability along the supply chain and protecting human rights are also gaining in significance.

Systems and processes

Driving the sustainability balance forward in an international company requires a common language in the form of processes. This is because Group-wide processes are needed to lay down standards that ensure sustainability aspects are taken into account throughout the value chain. There are three processes that affect product development and consider the phase from product strategy to market launch. The topic of sustainability is inherent in all of these processes.

To manage company performance in terms of environmental protection, occupational health and quality, the Vaillant Group uses differentiated management systems that are determined by standards valid internationally. The Vaillant Group regularly has the implementation of these systems audited by independent institutes as part of certification processes. All of our production and development sites have been certified as compliant with quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001, environmental standard DIN EN ISO 14001 and international health and safety standard DIN EN ISO 45001.

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