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Taking care of a better climate. Inside each home and the world around it.

Sustainability Progress Report 2018 | 2019

Greetings from the CEO of the Vaillant Group

Taking care of a better climate – both inside and outside our customers’ homes. This is our vision – a vision that motivates and drives around 14,000 employees. When making business decisions, we take not only economic but also environmental and social aspects into account.

The Vaillant Group has had a central Sustainability Management department since 2011. As part of the S.E.E.D.S. sustainability programme, we set binding goals in the focus fields Environment, Employees, Development & Products and Society.

The Vaillant Group’s involvement in the UN Global Compact – the world’s largest and most important sustainability initiative – also forms part of our S.E.E.D.S. programme. The initiative aims to strengthen the commitment shown by companies in the areas human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

This report contains key sustainability indicators and target attainment levels alongside an annual progress update with an eye to the Global Compact and information on our S.E.E.D.S. programme.

Remscheid, November 2019

Dr.-Ing. Norbert Schiedeck
CEO of the Vaillant Group

The reporting period for this progress update covers the eighth year of the Vaillant Group’s involvement in the Global Compact, from 11 October 2018 to 10 October 2019.


The Vaillant Group's sustainability programme

S.E.E.D.S. sustainability targets

In spring 2011, the Vaillant Group set itself the first binding, verifiable targets in all focus fields within the S.E.E.D.S. programme.

UN Global Compact progress report 2018/2019

The focus fields of our S.E.E.D.S. sustainability strategy correlate with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.