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See it as a community of shared values

Long-lasting quality “Made in Germany”, efficiency, innovative strength and sustainability: Vaillant products feature many ideals of German engineering while also meeting the highest demands as system solutions.

Optimally connected components enable an extraordinary level of efficiency – as well as a broad spectrum of solutions

Typically Vaillant: the geoTHERM brine-water heat pump, the ecoPOWER 4.7 mini-combined heat and power system and the ecoVIT gas-fired condensing boiler. Each and every one of these products, which feature the world-famous hare logo, is a classic example of highest efficiency, ingenious innovation and reliable quality.

Our developers based at the Vaillant headquarters in Remscheid are dedicated to creating new, constantly optimised heating, ventilation and air conditioning technologies. Our goals are clearly set out in the S.E.E.D.S. sustainability strategy: every product has to comply with strict specifications throughout its entire life cycle, from manufacturing right through to recycling.

The advantages of the individual products are particularly highlighted when seeing how well they interact with one another:

As elements of integrated systems, heat pumps, combined heat and power systems and gas-fired condensing boilers manufactured by Vaillant provide many people with heating, hot water and electricity for a long period of time – in Imst, Austria, and countless other places around the globe.

Our green brand has made a name for itself thanks to these kinds of highly efficient, reliable system solutions. Integrated systems developed by Vaillant make way for completely new methods of producing heat and electricity, even in large building complexes. At the same time, they also help keep the ecological footprint to a minimum.

Perfectly attuned

Combined heat and power unit, heat pump, condensing boiler, solar thermal system: every product is a feat of engineering. An optimally configured network brings together different types of technology to form a highly efficient overall system which can even be relied upon to provide a building complex with heating and electricity in a sustainable manner.

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    flats in an efficiency house

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    different types of technology in an optimal network

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At anchor in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps: Noah’s Ark

What this ship lacks in seaworthiness it makes up for in many other ways – for instance with its model community, which brings a vision of sustainable living to life. All aboard and accounted for: a highly efficient system solution from Vaillant. Manfred Ceplecha from the Vaillant Group Austria is happy to show you around.

Sustainable energy supply for a visionary project: full speed ahead for Noah’s Ark

Manfred Ceplecha from the Vaillant Group Austria is proud of the system configuration in the building services room: “Projects like this help us demonstrate the technical potential of an ecological and energy-related heating revolution.”

Every resident contributes towards the community

It goes without saying that the Noah’s Ark community in Imst, Tyrol, uses renewable energy sources: the unusual building project nestled within the Austrian Alps achieves sustainable goals across all areas of everyday living and cohabitation. The heating technology used in the building complex thus comes from Vaillant. The green brand of the Vaillant Group’s family of brands has supplied a system solution which is anything but ordinary – and which fulfils the ambitious demands of Noah’s Ark.

The project is strongly perceived among the general public. The topic has even been addressed on several occasions by the media.

Noah’s Ark in Imst is much more than a simple housing development. The residents do not lead anonymous lives next door to each other. Instead, they support each other within a vibrant community which spans many generations and social strata. The cooperation benefits from the contribution made by each individual – social points are awarded to residents for services they perform within the community.

The Vaillant system solution is ideally integrated into the living concept

The building complex, which takes the form of a ship, has 18 housing units with outdoor facilities and a shared wing, which also incorporates a bakery and spa area – as well as a communal recreation room, the centre of the community’s social life. Barely a peep can be heard from the building services room: despite not hearing it, the equipment does its bit to aid communal living – working in a highly efficient yet still particularly sustainable manner.

Manfred Ceplecha points to the devices:

Noah’s Ark has given us the opportunity to demonstrate the strengths of our brand as a one-stop supplier. The main challenge was to optimally network the components into an overall system so as to achieve the highest possible level of energy efficiency. Determining the right control sequence was essential in prioritising the renewable energy sources.

Cooperating for greater sustainability

The parallel operation of geothermal heat pump, solar system and two CHP units is unusual – the latter generate electricity which operates the heat pump and provide the swimming pool with warm water. Surplus electricity is fed into the national grid. The system is rounded off with a ventilation system, condensing technology and several storage units.

“I think the Noah’s Ark concept is wonderful. It would be great if other people copied the idea,” says Manfred Ceplecha summing up. Just a few moments later the sound of his footsteps fades away; only the quiet hum of the equipment remains.

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