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Slovakian babies love tigers

In Slovakia, it is not uncommon for a tiger to be involved in family planning. At the end of the day, parents want to make sure their children are looked after with a reliable heat source that will keep them snug from day one.

Efficient, reliable and straight-forward: the Protherm Tiger condensing boiler

Many people in Slovakia and other European countries do not necessarily associate the word tiger with an elegant big cat, but with a warm and cosy home – more specifically, with a heater that is easy to use and can be relied upon to provide families with comforting warmth and hot water over long winters.

The Protherm Tiger is a wall-hung, gas-fired boiler which utilises natural gas up to the maximum physical limit. Even the residual heat contained in the exhaust gas, which is normally lost through the chimney, serves to provide warmth. The Protherm Tiger uses up to 15 per cent less natural gas than older devices.

The appliance is now a bestseller, and not just because of it being so economical: as is the case with all Protherm products, the Tiger is particularly reliable and easy to use.

Its dependability and efficiency is put down to the new electronic gas regulation feature, which allows the appliance to always run on the lowest setting necessary. The Tiger is always easy to operate thanks to the “one key – one function” principle. Different desired temperatures can be easily preset for various times throughout the day, making our customers’ lives easier and more comfortable.

Efficient, reliable and straight-forward: with these benefits, the Protherm Tiger meets the country-specific requirements in Slovakia and other European markets. The Protherm brand, as part of the Vaillant Group, is therefore able to adjust to the local needs of target groups, while at the same time protecting the environment.

Would you have ever imagined so many tigers being fixed members of the family?

In many homes across Europe, the Protherm Tiger is a beloved member of the family – the figures speak for themselves: Protherm ranks among the Vaillant Group’s family of brands with eight international heating technology brands.

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    warm and comfortable home

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The Bielik family from Bratislava are expecting a baby. And a tiger!

“We can depend on a Protherm Tiger to deliver reliable warmth for our baby; the same can’t be said of the antique currently hanging on our wall.”

The baby finds its place in the world; the Tiger finds its place on the wall!

Adriana strokes her round tummy with pride. “Just three months to go. Or maybe three and a half if the little one is feeling especially comfortable in mummy’s tummy.”

Adriana, 27 years old, and her husband Branislav, 28 years old, have known each other since their school days – the couple have been inseparable for ten years.

Family planning: for many years this was not something the couple thought about. They first focussed on finishing their studies and successfully finding their feet on the career ladder. However, ever since getting married and moving into their first home three years ago, Adriana and Branislav realised that there was something missing from their lives: children.

“We have been talking about children from a rather practical perspective for a while now,” says Branislav. “At some point we realised that our conversations had gained a real sense of longing.” – “It was more than just a passing phase, clearly!” adds the soon-to-be mum.

Branislav opens the door to the bathroom. His facial expression changes from cheerful to glum as he points to an oversized grey cylinder on the wall.

That’s what we currently use to heat our home. It’s already over twenty years old. It uses a huge amount of gas. – But what’s worse is that it’s constantly breaking down. In winter it’s uncomfortable for us as the flat is often freezing without the heater. But for a baby it would be downright dangerous.

It is no wonder the young couple made the decision to buy a Tiger a while ago – the Protherm gas-fired boiler is particularly energy-efficient and completely reliable. Arranging an installation date for the Tiger was easy: it will move into the flat before the birth and will make sure that the family are warm and cosy from day one.

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