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Energy? A gift from the heavens.

In a country as sunny as Italy, using HelioSet 2 is especially worthwhile due to its high level of efficiency, drawing on free solar energy to generate hot water. This saves a lot of money as other energy sources are consumed at a much lower level.

The integrated solar system HelioSet 2 uses the free energy provided by the sun – protecting the environment and your budget

The fact that the sun can be used as a natural energy source is nothing new. The difference with the HelioSet 2 is seen in its integration into a complete system – and an interesting, technological detail. HelioSet 2 produces the majority of its hot water without the drawbacks of conventional solar systems.

The integrated drainback drainage function featured in HelioSet 2 protects the system from overheating – and, in turn, from excess pressure which could cause damage through leaks and malfunctioning. As and when needed, the collectors drain themselves automatically and the water is replaced with air. This contraption does away with elaborate, additional protective installations – additional material and installation costs are a thing of the past. The drainback function therefore increases the lifetime of the system and make the use truly easy.

HelioSet 2 makes efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly use of a natural resource which is widely available in Italy: the sun.

Find out more about HelioSet 2 – get to know Giulia: an old lady who thinks highly of new technologies. And of saving money.

The streets aren’t paved with gold. But the roofs are another story.

HelioSet 2 is as convenient as it is eco-friendly: it is easy to install, simple to operate – and uses a natural, free energy source to reliably generate hot water: the sun.

  • –60%

    primary energy consumption to heat water

  • Up to 70%

    gas consumption

  • 75 °C

    maximum hot water temperature

The sun over Italy has inspired our developers

HelioSet 2 looks to the sun, thus significantly sinking the need for primary energy. Simple installation and easy operation make the integrated solar system even more attractive.

Suspiciously economical!

Who are the two men on Grandma Giulia’s doorstep? Luca thinks they look rather suspicious. Of course, he couldn’t have known that the men were there because of their own suspicions…

The strange men on Giulia’s doorstep

For three years, Luca has been living with his wife Viola next door to Grandma Giulia. They all live in the old district of Siena, in the beautiful town of Cortona. The couple soon became friends with the old lady: Luca takes care of the trees in Giulia’s small garden and Viola goes shopping with her. Giulia returns the favour by cooking them tasty meals and baking delicious cakes. Quite understandably, Luca also feels inclined to keep an eye on her house.

There’s something not quite right with the gas use. Really?!

Luca slips into his shoes and walks the few steps next door. “Hi Giulia, is everything okay?” The men look at the young man with grim expressions. Giulia shakes her head:

Fancy that, apparently there’s something not quite right with my gas use!

The men are inspectors from the energy company: over the past few months, Grandma Giulia’s gas consumption had sunk drastically compared with her usual average use and plateaued at a low level. Reason enough to have the utility company asking questions. The company wanted to get to the bottom of the matter.

Grandma Giulia is amused

“I have looked at their ID badges. Now they want to look around my house!” says the woman. Giulia appears to be rather amused by the matter: she points up towards a glistening blue panel raised just above the red roof tiles. “Have you seen that? Good! Let’s get on with it.” She beckons the men into her house and walks down a narrow corridor to a staircase which leads to the cellar. Downstairs she turns a Bakelite switch.

A quietly humming, beautiful piece of work

“This is my pride and joy.” Giulia points towards a barely audible, humming white appliance showing a luminous display.

You want to know why my gas use has sunk so much? You’ve already seen part one: the solar collectors. This is part two. Installed six months ago. Gentlemen, you should not assume that my hot water system is as old as I am. Do you have any other questions?

The two men looked baffled. One of them took a camera from his pocket and took a few photos. “Apologies for the disruption,” says one of the inspectors as he leaves, before joining his colleague in the car.

Luca wants to know more

Luca sighed as the inspectors drove off. “Oh Giulia, Viola and I can learn a lot from you. We might be young, but our hot water system certainly isn’t. Our gas consumption is enormous!” Luca now knows: Giulia might not be able to climb up trees like he can, but in her head she is more nimble than him and Viola put together. “I suggest that you let me into the secrets of your system over coffee and cake, we’re in no rush. Maybe then I can also look forward to a visit from the two men!”

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