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Saving energy before it is even installed

Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in Belper, UK, Glow-worm’s Ultracom² is produced with the environment in mind. The device uses sustainable methods and incorporates parts which allow effective recycling at the end of the product life cycle: a green approach which does not stop at our customers’ doors thanks to easy installation and simple operation.

Efficient and sustainable, even during production

Ultracom² is a quiet, reliable and efficient solution, which meets the hot water and heating demands of over 500,000 customers in the UK, day and night.

The fact that Glow-worm’s Ultracom² is extremely reliable, simple and easy to use and hugely economical has led to it becoming such a popular heating appliance in the demanding UK market.

Compared with traditional heaters, Ultracom² consumes 30 per cent less natural gas while also reducing emissions by 30 per cent. This protects the environment and notably reduces heating costs.

Glow-worm achieves this impressive level of efficiency by combining a range of high-quality components. The Ultracom² reuses the heat that would normally be released into the atmosphere by traditional heating units.

Ultracom² is not only efficient and economical during its operation in the home; the production process in the Belper plant is also very sustainable. How is that possible? Find out more.

The goal: achieve less

It is fantastic that Ultracom² supplies heating and hot water using such little energy – while being so remarkably easy to use.

It is also important that the Ultracom² is manufactured in a sustainable way, helping protect the environment right from the beginning. This would not be possible without the dedication of our employees in the Vaillant Group plant in Belper.

  • –31%

    CO₂ emissions per appliance produced

  • –61%

    water consumption

  • –100%

    landfill waste

Taking on responsibility from head to toe

What does a customer’s footwear have to do with a heater’s ecological footprint? A great deal!

Our UK team shows a huge amount of dedication – and a great deal of tact

You may wonder what the shoes worn by an important Glow-worm visitor have to do with a heating unit’s ecological footprint?

A great deal. Everything, even. But let’s take one thing at a time!

Oxford shoes vs. safety boots

One day, when an important visitor arrived at the UK plant in Belper, the team were fully prepared for his visit. However it took a little longer than expected for our guest to make it past the door into the plant, but for good reason.

It was immediately clear to a production worker that the Oxford shoes worn by the visitor did not comply with the plant’s safety requirements and so he had to wait a little while until a pair of suitable safety boots could be sent to reception.

Zero-tolerance responsibility

This little anecdote relates to a much greater topic: responsibility. Every employee at the Vaillant Group’s plant in Belper is and feels responsible for their actions. Everyone is committed to achieving the sustainability goals set by the Vaillant Group. This includes a zero-tolerance attitude to implementing safety procedures. The aim is to significantly reduce the number of work-related accidents as well as meeting the high demands on production in order to save resources, avoid waste and keep emissions to a minimum.

Zero landfill: fully committed to zero

This commitment is paying off. In 2012 the UK plant had managed to reduce CO₂ emissions by 31 per cent, energy consumption by 35 per cent, water use by 56 per cent and waste volume by 53 per cent compared with 2010 levels – despite increasing production volumes.

And that’s not all. Since 2011, the Belper plant has met its zero landfill target – absolutely no waste is sent to landfill. To top this off, a 61 per cent reduction in water consumption per unit was achieved from 2010 to 2013.

Belper: the most sustainable production site in the UK

In recognition of these achievements, in January 2014 the plant was presented the National EEF/ENER-G Sustainable Manufacturing Award 2013 and named the UK’s most sustainable production site. The award acknowledges the work of the entire team in Belper.

This means that when our UK customers opt for the Ultracom², they not only save energy and money with a device that can be used totally intuitively, but it has already done its bit to protect the environment during production, thus minimising the ecological footprint of the Ultracom².

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