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Supplying the market since 1934. Adored for generations.

In Belgium, entire generations have grown up with Bulex’s reliable, economical heaters: it’s no wonder every child knows the brand.

Providing Belgium with heating, hot water and air conditioning. For generations.

The Flemish and Walloons might speak their own language, but there is at least one thing they agree on: the people in both parts of Belgium use the word “Bulex” as a synonym for reliable, durable gas-fired boilers from the brand of the same name.

In all the years that have gone by since 1934, the products with the red logo have earned themselves an unmatched, strong reputation in Belgium. The high-quality appliances are easy to use, robust and economical. The latest Bulex condensing boilers even achieve an efficiency factor of a hard-to-beat 108.2 per cent. Our neighbours value Bulex appliances because they reliably supply heat and hot water – while keeping heating costs down in countless households and flats.

Bulex also has another fanbase in Belgium: installation technicians have many good reasons for remaining loyal to the brand with the bird. The appliances are easy to install in line with the Plug&Play principle and can be connected to existing supply networks without any problems. Customers therefore do not have to wait long before their apartments are warm and cosy again.

Maintenance and repair work is also hassle-free; the devices are designed to keep things simple. Spare parts are readily available thanks to the close-knit Belgian trade network. Should a job turn out to be a little trickier than expected, members of the 160-strong after-sales staff at Bulex are on hand around the clock – also on site if needed, whether at a customer’s home or on a construction site.

Dependable heating technology. And a brand that can be relied upon.

Belgian installation technicians can rely on one thing to always be there for them in their varied work life: the service provided by Bulex. Whether looking for answers, spare parts or active support: Bulex employees are ready to help and available around the clock, 365 days a year – and are never far away.

  • 365

    days a year on hand to help our customers

  • 160

    members of service staff

  • 320,000

    Belgian households with Bulex heaters

Keeping everything under control!

Dirk Peytier loves to make his customers happy: the installation technician from Brussels fits, services and repairs Bulex heaters – he works quickly to make sure no one has to go without heating and hot water for long. To help him do this, he can call on the service provided by Bulex day in, day out.

Every child in Belgium knows the Bulex brand

Most people in Belgium know the Bulex brand, children definitely do! You think I’m exaggerating? Not at all. Bulex products last for years and are dependable – a winning combination. The heaters supply many households with heating and hot water. It is therefore normal in Belgium for children to practically grow up with the appliances. What most people don’t know: Bulex is also extremely popular among us installers. But why? I’ll give you a couple of examples.

Bed & Breakfast and warm water

My name is Dirk Peytier. I live and work in Brussels, a city much loved by tourists and thus one full of B&Bs. A couple of months ago I woke up to a phone call from an older lady at half past five in the morning. She was completely hysterical: for the first time in ten years, her heater had broken down. Her guests would be getting up soon. What on earth was she meant to tell them when they could only have a cold shower?! Twenty minutes later, I was at her door. Thankfully, all the guests were still tucked up in bed. With a flick of the wrist I removed the casing from the Bulex. The problem was quickly pinpointed – Bulex appliances have always been designed to be easy to maintain and repair. A wearing part had to be changed. One phone call to Bulex’ after-sales department, a quick trip to the nearest wholesaler and back to the B&B. The part was exchanged in just a few minutes and the heater was back to full working order. The woman was so relieved that none of her guests had to have a cold shower!

Huge project, huge help

My company also fits heaters in new buildings. Getting the timing right is extremely important: the different trades have to coordinate their work; delays can cause entire teams to sit around pointlessly, which costs time and money. I was once on a job with my team in an apartment block, installing new Bulex heaters. However, something was not quite right with the gas pressure in the pipes. Once again, a phone call was all it took for a Bulex technician to appear on site half an hour later. We didn’t have to tell him very much – the guy knew exactly what needed doing. It wasn’t long before he had everything fixed; there were no delays and we could continue working according to plan.

160 specialists, 24/7

Bulex simply knows what installers want – it has adjusted its portfolio to their needs. The devices are easy to install and maintain. Repairs are rarely ever needed. But if something does crop up, solutions are found quickly and smoothly. Bulex colleagues can be reached around the clock every day of the year and are always happy to help my colleagues and me, either over the phone or in person like on the construction site. Bulex employs 160 members of staff to provide this service. Spare parts are quickly available because you are never far from a wholesaler in Belgium. For tradesmen like me, this gives me peace of mind and a sense of security. I can simply depend on Bulex at all times. And this is also great for my customers. I couldn’t wish for a better partner, which is why I have remained loyal to Bulex for many years and I don’t intend to look elsewhere!

Bulex: a Belgian favourite for over 80 years

In Belgium, entire generations have grown up with the Bulex brand. The name is synonymous with reliable and durable gas-fired boilers.


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