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Remscheid, 10 March 2020

New control units for more convenience – A new gateway for more control

  • Controller family extended and gets greater functionality
  • Controllers can be integrated into an EEBUS smart home
  • Heating systems can be connected to building management systems via a Modbus gateway

Vaillant is extending its range of controllers. The company is presenting a wireless version of its sensoCOMFORT weather driven system controller, the new sensoHOME room temperature driven controller - in a wired and a wireless version - as well as the VR 92f wireless remote control. Vaillant systems can now be integrated into a smart home via EEBUS and into building management systems via Modbus.

sensoCOMFORT now also supports wireless data transmission

Vaillant now offers its sensoCOMFORT weather driven controller in a version with wireless data transmission. A wireless version of the corresponding outdoor temperature sensor is now also available. The wireless version of the sensoCOMFORT establishes contact with the boiler and the outdoor temperature sensor without any cables. This allows the controller and temperature sensor to be freely positioned. This is ideal for modernisation as no cables need to be laid. Regardless of whether data is transmitted by cable or wirelessly, the sensoCOMFORT is compatible to eBUS. Up to nine mixed heating circuits, cascades with up to seven heating appliances as well as hybrid systems and system technology such as photovoltaic or ventilation systems can be controlled with sensoCOMFORT. In addition, the controller with an illuminated graphic display and intuitive touch operation ensures maximum convenience.

Vaillant now also offers the new VR 92f radio remote control for the sensoCOMFORT controller. This enables a separate heating circuit to be controlled, for example in an apartment building. This means that a self-contained or rented apartment can also benefit from the high level of comfort offered by sensoCOMFORT without having to access the overall control of the heating system. Users can operate the sensoCOMFORT controller on the move with the sensoAPP for mobile devices. Also the ambiSENSE individual room control can be easily integrated.

New: sensoHOME room temperature driven controller

The sensoHOME room temperature driven controller is also new to the range. In a wired and a wireless version, sensoHOME replaces the previous VRT 370 controller series.

sensoHOME can control simple heating systems with a heating circuit, storage tank charging and a circulation pump. In terms of design and user guidance, sensoHOME corresponds to the sensoCOMFORT controller series.

The sensoHOME is also suitable for retrofitting older Vaillant heating systems with eBUS. In combination with sensoHOME and the sensoNET VR 921 Internet module, even heating systems for single apartments can be made Internet-compatible and operated with sensoAPP. This also creates new, convenient options in the housing industry.

Integration into a smart home

From the second quarter of 2020 it will be possible to integrate the sensoCOMFORT, sensoDIRECT and multiMATIC controllers into a smart home using the sensoNET VR 921 Internet module via the EEBUS communication protocol. The EEBUS is a digital interface that connects sources and consumers of energy which is independent of particular manufacturers and sectors. Via the EEBUS protocol, Vaillant heating systems can communicate with photovoltaic systems, battery storage systems, electric cars and all types of household appliances such as washing machines, lights, shutters and even coffee machines. This allows self-generated solar power to be used in the best possible way and energy costs to be reduced. All Vaillant appliances that have been equipped with the sensoNET VR 921 Internet module as standard or have been retrofitted with it are "smart home ready".

Modbus gateway to the building control system

Vaillant’s new Modbus gateway - available from the second quarter of 2020 - enables the housing industry and contracting providers to connect their Vaillant heating systems to a building control system Modbus is the dominant communication protocol in building control systems. All heating systems connected to a building’s control system via Modbus can be monitored centrally. Settings can be easily adjusted centrally. This also enables the connected heating equipment to be extensively monitored centrally. Among other things, this allows tenants to quickly and reliably prove how much heat has been provided by the heating system at any given time.

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