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Press release

Essen/Remscheid, 6 March 2018

New heat pump versoTHERM plus: individual, flexible, modular

  • Object-specific system for heat, hot water and fresh air supply
  • Quiet, low space need, high efficiency
  • Three connection options for home ventilation

At the SHK Essen 2018 Vaillant presents for the first time an air-water heat pump for interior installation and the development of an individual system for heat, hot water and fresh air supply. The versoTHERM plus is thereby suitable not only for new building but also refurbished building stock. “With the versoTHERM plus we offer an especially flexible appliance,” says Oliver Gremm, Manager Product Marketing at Vaillant Germany. For this, the company’s self-developed components are combined with already existing products such as the hot water programme. The concept of the new heat pump is based on the equally newly presented recoCOMPACT exclusive.

The versoTHERM is an especially quiet and efficient heat pump that fits without problems in small cellars or basements. The heat pump can be installed and serviced easily and quickly. With the regard to connection and development options, the heat pump shows itself to be open to all additions. For example, the versoTHERM can be combined with the three different solutions for controlled home ventilation: the central home ventilation appliance recoVAIR, the components of the decentral recoVAIR ventilation system and the new exhaust air ventilation unit versoVAIR. The versoVAIR is placed on the heat pump. With it, a price-performance optimised simple ventilation system can be built up. In addition, because the exhaust air is conducted via the heat pump a simple heat recovery takes place.

For highest requirements, another centrally controlled variant can be built up with the central ventilation unit recoVAIR by connecting recoVAIR via an exhaust air box. Because the airflow is conducted through the heat pump, no further wall throughputs for home ventilation have to be created. Thereby the heat of the exhaust air is used twice, which is especially economical and saves heating costs. At the same time, users enjoy the heat and moisture recovery of the central recoVAIR system and thus benefit from an especially high indoor air quality.

As a third variant, especially in the building stock, a decentral ventilation system can be developed with innovative recoVAIR components. These also provide an optimised heat recovery. At the same time, up to 16 single components can be networked with each other in order to implement a coordinated ventilation in the whole building.

The new versoTHERM heat pump also offers a great degree of flexibility in hot water supply. It can be combined with hot water and multi storage cylinders without problems. In addition, the heat pump can be linked with photovoltaic or solar thermal systems, battery storage units and peak-load heating appliances.

Further information is offered by Vaillant Deutschland, Berghauser Strasse 40, 42859 Remscheid, Germany. Vaillant Infoline: +49 2191 – 57 67 920, E-mail: info@vaillant.de, www.vaillant.de

About Vaillant

Vaillant offers its customers worldwide eco-friendly, energy-saving heating and ventilation systems that make increasing use of renewable energies. Its product portfolio encompasses solar-thermal and photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, pellet boilers, ventilation systems for low-energy buildings, combined heat and power stations, high-efficiency heating systems using fossil fuels, and intelligent controls.


New heat pump versoTHERM plus: individual, flexible, modular

Press picture: Heat pump versoTHERM plus

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