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Press release

Essen/Remscheid, 6 March 2018

New service tools for installers

  • serviceDIALOG simplifies commissioning, maintenance and fault analysis
  • ersatzteilCHECK for fast identification of spare parts
  • depotCHECK for availability check and direct spare parts ordering

With serviceDIALOG, Vaillant presents on the occasion of the SHK 2018 in Essen an extended service tool for its installer partners: Similar to motor vehicles in an automotive workshop, installers can read and analyse the data of heating appliances on the spot. That noticeably makes the diagnosis easier and faster and at the same time saves money. Elaborate searching for possible malfunctions or changed settings is not necessary.

serviceDIALOG provides among other things a display of all system components and heating circuits, the graphic depiction of selected plant parameters in real time, an error message and description in plain language, and simultaneous instructions on troubleshooting. In addition, installers can with serviceDIALOG carry out the data point analysis, data recording and parameterisation of data.

Furthermore, serviceDIALOG simplifies every service task and helps in the commissioning of complex systems. The tool also supports maintenance by a smart search function and provides fast answers and at the same time assistance in the remedying of faults found by the analysis. Thus the service task times are reduced, the fault clearance rate improved, and thereby the profitability of the service as a whole increased.

The extent of serviceDIALOG includes a wired adapter with magnetic holder and a software licence. With the hardware, the eBUS interface of all Vaillant heating appliances from construction year 2007 is connected to the installer’s laptop, on which a software programme is installed. “It was the wish of our installer partners that we should create for heating systems without an Internet connection a service tool that provided functionality similar to profiDIALOG,” says Erik Ebner, Manager Service Management at Vaillant Germany. “With serviceDIALOG, a professional and purposeful system care is now also possible on-site.”

Find the right spare part fast with the apps ersatzteilCHECK and depotCHECK

With the app ersatzteilCHECK, installers have the current Vaillant spare parts catalogue at hand on their smartphone at all times. To find a spare part, installers must only scan the data matrix or the barcode of the heating appliance with the smartphone or use the product catalogue of the app. They then receive a list of all installed spare parts with exploded drawings, photos, usage data and list prices.

The availability of the needed spare part can be checked via the procurement list imported from the ersatzteilCHECK app with the new depotCHECK app. The app shows the availability at the participating wholesalers – and the installers can themselves can determine the sequence of the wholesalers displayed. They can then forward the shopping basket to their own software in their businesses and from there directly trigger orders to the wholesaler. In addition, via the app the inventory in the Vaillant distribution centre can be checked and in urgent cases an emergency order can be made there directly.

Further information is offered by Vaillant Deutschland, Berghauser Strasse 40, 42859 Remscheid, Germany. Vaillant Infoline: +49 2191 – 57 67 920, E-mail: info@vaillant.de, www.vaillant.de

About Vaillant

Vaillant offers its customers worldwide eco-friendly, energy-saving heating and ventilation systems that make increasing use of renewable energies. Its product portfolio encompasses solar-thermal and photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, pellet boilers, ventilation systems for low-energy buildings, combined heat and power stations, high-efficiency heating systems using fossil fuels, and intelligent controls.


New service tools for installers

Press picture: Service tools 1

Press picture: Service tools 2

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