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Essen and Remscheid, 6 March 2018

Quiet operation and quick installation – the new aroTHERM Split air-to-water heat pump

  • SoundSafeSystem: the quietest appliance on the market in its class
  • Developed in-house and manufactured in Europe
  • Up to seven units can be cascaded

Vaillant has expanded its range of air-to-water heat pumps with a highly efficient refrigerant-split model. “With the aroTHERM Split, we can now offer our trade partners the quietest appliance on the market in its class at present,” says Oliver Gremm, head of product marketing at Vaillant Germany. To achieve this, elements such as the air ducts have been developed to minimise sound. The entire cooling circuit and the compressor are contained in their own capsule. This design, known as the SoundSafeSystem, causes noise emissions to reduce further.

Vaillant depends solely on in-house developments and European production. “Split heat pumps are usually appliances that use existing air conditioning technology. In contrast, our product is designed as a heat pump, which means it has fins that are optimised for winter operation,” says Gremm.

The outdoor unit is extremely robust and of high-quality construction. It features a number of practical details to ensure fast installation. The heat pump does not need to be opened when connecting cooling or electrical circuits. Instead, connections can be made quickly and safely using separate electrical and refrigerant connection boxes. By loosening a single screw, the cover can be removed and pushed upwards.

The aroTHERM Split can be combined with a hydraulic station or the Vaillant uniTOWER, which contains all the necessary hydraulic components for the installation of the heat pump as well as a 190-litre hot water tank. If no components are to be mounted on the wall, it is possible to install a buffer tank, expansion tank or circulation pump in the uniTOWER. As a result, all of the technology required can be contained in the same housing – a space-saving and visually convincing solution. Thermal insulation elements for the connection units that comply with the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) are available as accessories, as are twin lines that already include an eBus connection cable.

The new aroTHERM Split can be cascaded with up to seven units, offering solution concepts with especially broad modulation and high economic efficiency. With regard to noise levels, cascades with the new heat pump achieve better values than individual high-performance heat pumps that are already available on the market. Other advantages are the reliability of a cascade compared to one large heat pump and easier transport.

The lines connecting the indoor and outdoor units are already heat-insulated and available in a wide range of lengths, removing the need to cut pipes and join them together. Furthermore, the twin lines are fitted with flexible springs so that any angle can be worked around quickly and safely. All of this reduces installation time and costs by a significant margin.

Pre-filling the heat pump with R410a refrigerant makes it possible to lay up to 15 metres of piping between the indoor and outdoor units without having to top up the refrigerant. The maximum line length is 25 metres. Commissioning and adding refrigerant (if necessary) requires a Class 1 certificate of competence. If this cannot be produced, Vaillant can provide a solution through its factory customer service.

The new aroTHERM Split heat pump is available with an output of 3, 5, 7, 10 and 12 kW at A–7/W35. The operating temperature range can be as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius. Even at a distance of three meters, units with a lower power rating are below the noise level of 35 dB(A) that must be observed at night in residential areas according to German guidelines (TA Lärm). Regulation occurs through the Vaillant multiMATIC 700 system controller, and an option Internet connection can be made using the VR920 communication module. The units are supplied without a cooling function. However, this can be made possible with the simple use of a coding resistor.


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