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S.E.E.D.S. Around the world

Country Manager Mario Opačak has set up a sustainability strategy for the Croatian sales company. Based on S.E.E.D.S. as a Group-wide strategy and suited perfectly for Croatia.

The NSC in Croatia started by analysing its status for each of the four subject areas and then defined certain goals which it wants to reach by 2020. This is largely done through specific projects: for instance, reducing its carbon footprint, making the office building self-sufficient in terms of electric power, etc. Some of this has been realised already. The photovoltaic system has now been up and running since January 2016, and although the building is not yet carbon-neutral, it is already independent of any external power supply. An electric car, too, is now in use and can be recharged right outside the company’s doorstep. The charging station is also available to customers. Although this service has not met with any demand yet, electric mobility is a major point of discussion in Croatia and is generously supported by the state, says the Country Manager.


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Director Group Communication, Sustainability & Politics

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