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Reliable planning and installation of photovoltaic systems

  • Installers supported from planning to commissioning photovoltaic systems
  • Installers benefit without having to invest extra time or money
  • Comprehensive service for installers and their customers

Frankfurt am Main / Remscheid, 12 March 2019 – Together with cooperation partner Greenergetic, Vaillant is offering its installers a new, comprehensive service to help plan, install and commission photovoltaic (PV) and battery storage systems. This gives sanitation, heating and air-conditioning installers the opportunity to partake in the quickly growing PV market without having to invest in new staff and additional electrotechnical know-how themselves. This is a unique concept in today’s market.

Over the company’s FachpartnerNET platform, installers can design an auroPOWER photovoltaic system – with an eloPACK battery storage system if required – based on a specific property, using an intuitive PV system configuration tool. This tool then generates a quote for the entire project. If required, the installer can speak to a Greenergetic adviser over the phone. Prior to installation, a Greenergetic partner company will visit the property to check that all the installation requirements are met. The quote will be adjusted if necessary following the on-site appointment. Once the system has been installed and commissioned by Greenergetic, it will then be registered with the local energy provider. All the end customer has to do is enter their information in the core energy market data register.

The installer acts as Greenergetic’s partner from start to finish; they also receive the quote from the company and pass it on to the customer. A project folder is prepared for the end customer that comprises the quote itself, an order sheet, the general terms and conditions of business, an information leaflet on PV systems for end customers, an efficiency forecast for the PV system, all relevant product data sheets and a check list outlining next steps. At the end of the project, the installer invoices the customer for the PV system and its installation and, in turn, receives an invoice from Greenergetic.

Installers who would rather plan and install the PV systems themselves can continue to do so as Vaillant will offer both options in parallel in the future, satisfying as many of its installers’ request and requirements as possible.

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    Never available before now: Vaillant and cooperation partner Greenergetic offer installers a new service to help plan, install and commission photovoltaic systems.

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