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Press release

Frankfurt am Main / Remscheid, 14 March 2017

One controller for the entire system

  • A single controller platform featuring an installation assistant saves time
  • New radio version multiMATIC 700f for upgrading
  • eRELAX controller supports programming of individual scenarios

Vaillant is presenting a new generation of the system controller multiMATIC 700/5 at the ISH 2017 in Frankfurt am Main. The controller is suitable for almost every application, such as oil- and gas-fired condensing boilers, heat pumps, solar technology, ventilation systems, cascade management and the heating circuit control system. Among the new features are the controlling of nine mixed heating circuits and the integration of eBUS communication. An installation assistant guides users through the commissioning process.

“Our objective is to be able to realise almost every type of system with one well-known controller,” says Christian Sieg, Head of Product and Service Management at Vaillant Germany. The controller is suitable for the house automation connections provided by a variety of suppliers. It constitutes the key for entering KNX building automation and can be integrated via an AP interface by way of the EEBus Initiative. By taking this route, the Vaillant system is easy to integrate into QIVICON building automation. The energy management system from SMA can likewise be connected – which sometimes requires the Internet communication module VR 920. In addition to this, the controller constitutes the basis for the remote control of Vaillant systems with the multiMATIC app.

In addition to the new wired version of the system controller, there is also the radio version multiMATIC 700f. The latter can be used to operate three mixed heating circuits. Furthermore, the controller unit controls cascades from oil- and gas-fired condensing boilers and heat pumps with a maximum of seven units. During the upgrading or modernisation process there is no need to lay any cables to the heating system’s units and to the external sensor, which makes installation easier. Thanks to the extension modules VR70/VR71, the Internet communication module VR 920 and the multiMATIC app, almost any system configuration can be constructed, controlled and operated using a smartphone.

With its Internet communication module VR 920, Vaillant is offering a new gateway for the safe connection of heating technology with the Internet. New features are the integrated Wi-Fi and LAN interface, as well as a radio transmitter and receiver for the frequency 868 MHz. This innovation makes the Wi-Fi stick at the module’s USB port unnecessary. The frequency 868 MHz makes it possible to communicate with the components of the new ambiSENSE individual room control, which can be operated via the multiMATIC app from anywhere in the world.

The app-based radio controller eRELAX supports the IFTTT protocol (“if this, then that”). This enables users to control individually programmed scenarios. The controller is particularly easy to use, has its own app for controlling via the user’s smartphone and can also be integrated smoothly into older heat generators. The app’s design and handling are intuitive and based on standard scenarios from people’s everyday lives. An external sensor is not required in apartments. The eRELAX nevertheless operates in a weather-compensated manner – a novelty.

About Vaillant

Vaillant offers its customers worldwide eco-friendly, energy-saving heating and ventilation systems that make increasing use of renewable energies. Its product portfolio encompasses solar-thermal and photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, pellet boilers, ventilation systems for low-energy buildings, combined heat and power stations, high-efficiency heating systems using fossil fuels, and intelligent controls.


Press release: One controller for the entire system

Press picture 1: One controller for the entire system

Press picture 2: One controller for the entire system

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