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Vision with far-sightedness, values with depth

The Vaillant Group has its objectives firmly in its sights – and knows exactly how to achieve them.

Rooted in Bergisches Land, with responsibility for the world: solution-based competence for global problems

Sustainable and profitable growth – this is the goal with which the Vaillant Group’s vision gives our corporate strategy both its basis and its orientation. In other words, our family-owned company takes on responsibility for the environment, society and its employees.

The keys to this are energy-efficient products and solutions. These are already making a substantial contribution to the Vaillant Group’s sales – especially because our company responds flexibly to challenges.

With its vision, the Vaillant Group is therefore defining global objectives that are realised locally – with highly efficient premium and performance products as well as services that satisfy local needs and conditions.

This is how we preserve the core of our family-owned company, which has been headquartered in Remscheid for 140 years, while being an international byword for reliability, continuity and trust.

As a good employer, we motivate our employees to keep bringing forth new ideas and innovations that help us to gradually get closer to our goal. The focus of this activity is not on short-term success, but on a long-term increase in the company’s value.

What makes us who we are


Entrepreneurship, trust, integrity and passion: these four values constitute the substance of our corporate culture – and shape the daily activities of our more than 12,000 employees.

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From Remscheid to Wuxi and Belper to Bozüyük: one corporate culture for all Vaillant Group brands

Entrepreneurship, trust, integrity and passion – these are the central values that shape the Vaillant Group’s culture, and with that, all of our family-owned company’s brands.

It is not without good reason that we refer to our “spirit”. This word already has passion woven into it – passion that motivates us to achieve ambitious goals and to devote ourselves to exceeding our customers’ expectations. Passion for sustainable and entrepreneurial business practices.

Team spirit and solidarity make us strong. We can rely on each other, are always fair to each other and treat each other with respect. We share information, experience and knowledge. We take responsibility for our decisions, our performance and the results of our work – and are allowed to make mistakes as long as we learn from them.

All this creates trust, provides scope for creativity, brings about integrity and anchors our values in the hearts and minds of our more than 12,000 employees. The result is a corporate culture that is worthy of the name – and that makes an essential contribution to our company’s sustainable success.

Quality starts with the customers

Our customers’ needs, expectations and desires have a decisive influence on the development of our products – and on the high quality standards that every one of them must fulfil.